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Q21. A customer asked you about Database Time (DB Time). Which are two correct statements you would include in your description of it? 

A. It is the total time spent in database calls by all sessions in the database. 

B. It is the total time spent in database calls by foreground sessions in the database. 

C. It is the total time spent in database calls by background sessions in the database. 

D. It includes non-idle wait time. 

E. It is the overall response time. 

F. It includes login, idle, background, and Zombie session wait time. 

Answer: B,C 

Q22. Which one is a type of user session and client request supported by Database Replay? 

A. XA transactions 

B. Oracle Call Interface (OCI) based object navigations 

C. SQL-based object access 

D. Flashback queries 

E. Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) 

Answer: C 


Q23. Which functionality should be used to recommend materialized views and view logs, indexes, SQL profiles,and partitions for a specific workload use? 

A. SQL Performance Analyzer 

B. Top SQL 

C. SQL Tuning Advisor 

D. SQL Access Advisor 

E. Workload Advisor 

Answer: D 


( Using SQL Access Advisor) 

Q24. Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports for CPU and I/O exceptions, the time model displays SQL execution elapsed time as a major component of DB Time. Which two are next steps to diagnose the problem further? 

A. Review Operating System processes for any zombies. 

B. Review SQL statistics from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). 

C. Run a STATSPACK report. 

D. Review Automatic Database Diagnostic (ADDM) recommendations. 

E. Review all system configuration parameters. 

Answer: C,D 

Q25. Which option do customers need to license in order to implement SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay functionalities? 

A. Oracle Database Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Database Replay and Testing Suite 

C. Oracle SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle SQL Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 

Answer: D 


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Most up-to-date 1Z0-417 exam topics:

Q26. Which one would SQL Access Advisor use as input to provide a recommendation on a partition or index? 

A. SQL Tuning Advisor 

B. Automatic Workload Repository 

C. Automatic Diagnostic Monitor 

D. SQL Tuning SetE. SQL Error 

Answer: A 

Q27. Which two could Oracle Database Replay is used to validate performance? 

A. applying workload to an application after an operating system patch 

B. applying a workload from one database release to another database release 

C. moving a workload from a single database instance and applying it to an Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) 

D. to check and compare if a specific set of SQL statements have regressed between two different databasereleases 

E. to find the least-used SQL statement 

Answer: A,C 

Q28. Which background process performs Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) tasks such as writing when a metric violates its threshold value, taking snapshots, and capturing statistics for recently modified SQL objects? 






Answer: D 


Themanageability monitor process (MMON)performs many tasks related to theAutomatic Workload Repository (AWR). For example, MMON writes when ametricviolates its threshold value, taking snapshots, and capturing statistics value for recently modified SQL objects. 


Q29. Which two statements are true about Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express? 

A. It uses internal infrastructure components, such as XDB and SQL*NET. 

B. It can perform actions inside and outside the database. 

C. Performance Hub and Composite Active Reports are its key functionalities. 

D. It is not supported on Oracle Standard Edition or Express Edition. 

E. It replaces Oracle Grid Control. 

Answer: A,C 


Q30. Upon implementation completion, which three should be reviewed with a customer to confirm the values or benefits of a Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution? 

A. real-time and historical monitoring capabilities 

B. non-intrusive metric collections 

C. statspack integration and support 

D. integration with Enterprise Manager 

E. included scripts for querying X$ and V$ views 

F. SQL script code management capabilities 

Answer: A,B,D