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Q21. In an Active Session History report, which response is correct? 

A. 60 minutes of ASH data can be held in memory, so only 1 hour can be reported. 

B. 60 minutes of ASH data can be held in memory, but more than 1 hour can be reported. 

C. ASH data is available 24 hoursbecause AWR snapshots refresh every night. 

D. As ASH data is flushed every 60 seconds, you need to set up a snapshot withDBA_JOBSfor what you want to keep. 


Q22. When preparing a new database installation, you want to ensure automatic collection of timed statistics. Which three configuration parameters are applicable? 


B. STATISTICS_LEVELparameter set to All 

C. TIMED_STATISTICSparameter set to true 


E. AUTO_STATSparameter set to TRUE 

F. STATISTICS_LEVELparameter set to BASIC. 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q23. Instead of a database automatically publishing statistics when statistics collection ends, you want to test queries a satisfactory result before they are made available to the entire database. Which would you configure for that to occur? 



C. Use aHOLD HINTin the SQL. 



Q24. DBAs are spending an enormous amount of time trying to identify and fix SQL statements they are suspect have regressed as a result of system changes not documented by the Operations Team. What would you implement to resolve this problem? 

A. Complete Oracle Enterprise Manager suite 

B. SQL Performance Analyzer which helps predict and prevent SQL execution performance problems causedby environment changes 

C. SQL Plan Manager which uses system histograms to extrapolate future SQL execution performance 

D. Oracle Database Backup & Recovery 

E. Oracle SQL Developer, which helps develop and test the SQL prior to putting it into production 


Q25. Which are two strategies to maintain performance and improve a table segment's compression ratio when you are using Advanced Row Compression on a table segment? 

A. Use smaller database block size. 

B. Use larger database block size. 

C. Use direct-path inserts wherepossible. 

D. IncreasePCTFREEon the table segment. 

E. Increase the size of the tablespace. 

Answer: A,E 

Q26. Which are two characteristics of “invisible” index functionality that would help tune a database having thousands of legacy indexes? 

A. An invisible index is ignored by the optimizer. 

B. After an index becomes invisible, it is no longer maintained during insertsand updates. 

C. I/O bottlenecks are easy to spot when invisible indexes are used. 

D. An index only needs to be rebuilt for it to be visible again. 

E. The session or system parameter needs to be changed toOPTIMIZER_USE_INVISIBLE_INDEXEStoTRUEfor an invisible index to become visible to the Optimizer. 

Answer: A,E 

Q27. Which is the default statistics gatheringperiod for Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitoring (ADDM)? 

A. every 30 seconds 

B. every 60 minutes 

C. every 30 minutes 

D. every 24 hoursE. every 40 hours 


Q28. Select two scenarios that an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution implementation addresses. 

A. After migration off a legacy system, an ERP team complains that they have no ability to isolate performanceproblems in the new distributed Oracle Database architecture. 

B. An HR Team claims that it can hire staff fast enough to meet business demands. 

C. Development Team members demand that their SQL should run fast while the DBAs blame SQL as theroot of performance issues. 

D. To prepare for an upcoming code audit, developers need to review their SQL and PL/SQL code for syntaxand runtime errors. 

E. Systems and Storage teams report that over the past 12 month, it is taking 40% longer time to back up theservers with Oracle databaseson them. 

Answer: B,C 

Q29. Which is a true statement about the difference in the functionality of Active Session History (ASH) and SQL Trace/TKPROF? 

A. ASH provides time based data, SQL Trace/TKPROF does not 

B. ASH provides detailed session level data, SQL Trace/TKPROF does not 

C. ASH is always on, SQL Trace/TKPROF is not 

D. ASH identifies Bind variables that are available, SQL Trace/TKPROF does not 

E. ASH counts and has occurrence data, SQL Trace/TKPROF does not 


Q30. Which option would you use to validate performance when migrating an Oracle Database from HPUX Itanium to Oracle Linux 6 architecture? 

A. Oracle Diagnostic Pack for Database 

B. Real Application Testing 

C. Oracle Migration Pack for Databases 

D. Oracle Migration Performance Advisor 

E. SQL Performance Testing Suite