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Q41. An advanced fault diagnostic infrastructure introduced as of Oracle Database 11g, assigns an incidentnumber and diagnostic data when a critical error occurs. What is the feature and where does it store that data? 

A. Oracle Enterprise Manager. Data is stored in the OEM Repository. 

B. MyOracle Support. Data is stored in Oracle Cloud. 

C. Automatic Workload Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database. 

D. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database. 

E. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in a file-based repository outside the database. 



The data is then stored in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) — a file-based repository outside the database 


Q42. Which are two strategies to maintain performance and improve a table segment's compression ratio when you are using Advanced Row Compression on a table segment? 

A. Use smaller database block size. 

B. Use larger database block size. 

C. Use direct-path inserts wherepossible. 

D. IncreasePCTFREEon the table segment. 

E. Increase the size of the tablespace. 

Answer: A,E 

Q43. Which product technology can assist an Application Developer to capture a full production workload and replay on a test system database? 

A. Oracle Database Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Database Replay and Testing Suite 

C. Oracle SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle Real Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 


Q44. Which option is recommended when gathering Optimizer system statistics on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance? 

A. lock out user sessions and gather system statistics overnight 

B. gather system statistics after a performance issue has been reported 

C. gather system statistics for several hours when there is no workload 

D. gather system statistics for several hours during normal workload periods 

E. shut down any running applications prior to collection 



Q45. DBAs use scripts and a third-party tool that access Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshot reports, but don't use Oracle Enterprise Manager. The IT Manager seeks to confirm what the DBAs told him – Its OK since they licensed Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and not the Standard Edition. Which is the correct response for this scenario? 

A. With an Oracle Enterprise Edition Database license, a customer can use any Oracle option they want, atany of their worldwide locations, without additional licensing. 

B. No matter how AWR snapshot reports are accessed, Oracle Enterprise Edition Database customers needto be licensed for the Oracle Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Databases. 

C. With an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license, an Oracle customer can use any Oracle option theywant, at that location, without additional licensing. 

D. No matter how AWR snapshot reports are accessed, Oracle Enterprise Edition Database customers needtobe licensed for the Advanced Analytic Pack for Oracle Databases. 

E. With an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license, an Oracle customer can access AWR snapshots byusing SQL. If you use anything else, then you need an additional license. 


Q46. Upon implementation completion, which three should be reviewed with a customer to confirm the values or benefits of a Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution? 

A. real-time and historical monitoring capabilities 

B. non-intrusive metric collections 

C. statspack integration and support 

D. integration with Enterprise Manager 

E. included scripts for querying X$ and V$ views 

F. SQL script code management capabilities 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q47. SQL Access Advisor takes database workload as input and recommends adding various access structures. Which three does it consider the impact of adding when it generates recommendations? 

A. Materialized views 

B. Indexes 

C. Partitions 

D. Tablespaces 

E. V$ performance views 

F. Hints 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q48. When preparing a new database installation, you want to ensure automatic collection of timed statistics. Which three configuration parameters are applicable? 


B. STATISTICS_LEVELparameter set to All 

C. TIMED_STATISTICSparameter set to true 


E. AUTO_STATSparameter set to TRUE 

F. STATISTICS_LEVELparameter set to BASIC. 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q49. Identify four problems automatically diagnosed by Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM). 

A. log file sizing 

B. log buffer sizing 

C. log file problematic naming 

D. Mean Time to recover (MTTR) setting 

E. undersized SGA or PGA 

F. oversized SGA or PGA 

G. Less Time to recover (LTTR) setting 

Answer: D,E,F,G