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Q31. Which is used to preserve SQL execution plans of existing statements when moving from one version of the database to another? 

A. SQLHints 

B. Stored Outlines 

C. Stored Profiles 

D. SQL Plan Management 

E. SQL Profiles 



SQL statement, or migrate an existing stored outline by loading the "outlined" plan as a fixed plan. Reference: 

Q32. When providing partition and index recommendations, which one would SQL Access Advisor source input from? 

A. SQL Tuning Advisor 

B. Automatic Workload Repository 

C. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor 

D. SQL Tuning Set 


Q33. Which one is a type of user session and client request supported by Database Replay? 

A. XA transactions 

B. Oracle Call Interface (OCI) based object navigations 

C. SQL-based object access 

D. Flashback queries 

E. Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) 



Q34. Which two statements are true about Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express? 

A. It uses internal infrastructure components, such as XDB and SQL*NET. 

B. It can perform actions inside and outside the database. 

C. Performance Hub and Composite Active Reports are its key functionalities. 

D. It is not supported on Oracle Standard Edition or Express Edition. 

E. It replaces Oracle Grid Control. 

Answer: A,C 


Q35. Instead of a database automatically publishing statistics when statistics collection ends, you want to test queries a satisfactory result before they are made available to the entire database. Which would you configure for that to occur? 



C. Use aHOLD HINTin the SQL. 



Q36. When implementing an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution, which are three product technologies recommended for use as your base configuration? 

A. SQL Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 

C. Oracle Performance Pack for Oracle Database 

D. Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database 

E. Oracle Real Application Testing 

F. Oracle SQL Developer 


Answer: B,D,E 

Reference: (See page #03, Application product technology subject areas include). 

Q37. To use Automatic Database Diagnostic Management capability on a database using a SQL script, command line, database views, or from a GUI, which option needs to be licensed? 

A. Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases 

B. Oracle Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

C. Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

D. Oracle ADDM Pack 

E. Nothing else needs to be licensed. 


Q38. Select two scenarios that an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution implementation addresses. 

A. After migration off a legacy system, an ERP team complains that they have no ability to isolate performanceproblems in the new distributed Oracle Database architecture. 

B. An HR Team claims that it can hire staff fast enough to meet business demands. 

C. Development Team members demand that their SQL should run fast while the DBAs blame SQL as theroot of performance issues. 

D. To prepare for an upcoming code audit, developers need to review their SQL and PL/SQL code for syntaxand runtime errors. 

E. Systems and Storage teams report that over the past 12 month, it is taking 40% longer time to back up theservers with Oracle databaseson them. 

Answer: B,C 

Q39. Which background process performs Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) tasks such as writing when a metric violates its threshold value, taking snapshots, and capturing statistics for recently modified SQL objects? 








Themanageability monitor process (MMON)performs many tasks related to theAutomatic Workload Repository (AWR). For example, MMON writes when ametricviolates its threshold value, taking snapshots, and capturing statistics value for recently modified SQL objects. 


Q40. You are reviewing an Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor report. What is DB Time% a percentage of? 

A. total CPU time 

B. elapsed response time 

C. total time in database calls by all processes 

D. total time in V$ views 

E. time that users wait for the database to respond