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2021 Sep 1Z0-429 real exam

Q11. How many SAS HBAs can be supported in the Performance Model of FS1-2 Controller? 

A. one 

B. two 

C. three 

D. four 

Answer: C 



Q12. How can you create a new administrator account? 

A. To be able to access the Create Administrator Account dialog box, you must first select Administrator Accounts in the navigation bar under Global Settings. Then you have three options: Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Create or right-click on the context panel and select Create, or click CNTL n to open the dialog box. 

B. On the Global Settings tab, under Global Settings, select Create from the Actions drop-down menu to open the Create Administrator Account dialog box. 

C. On the System tab, under System, select Security from the Actions drop-down menu to open the Create Administrator Account dialog. 

D. On the Global Settings tab, under Global Settings select Security from the Actions drop-down menu to open the Create Administrator Account dialog. 

E. It is not possible to create a new administrator account. The FS system supports only one default administrator account, named administrator. 

Answer: D 

Q13. The storage administrator has installed an FS1 Storage System and would like to change the system name and provide a brief description. Which option should the storage administrator modify? 

A. Network Settings 

B. Asset Information 

C. System Time 

D. Security Settings 

Answer: D 



Q14. What is the maximum number of Drive Enclosures (DEs) in one FS1-2 system with performance controller? 

A. 5 

B. 20 

C. 30 

D. 60 

Answer: C 

Q15. After replacing the bad disk drive by using Guided Maintenance, what is the final step to complete the drive replacement? 

A. Click Finish in the guided maintenance wizard. 

B. No further steps are required. 

C. Click Cancel in the guided maintenance wizard. 

D. Click Complete in the guided maintenance wizard. 

Answer: D 

46. Where does the FS1 Data Protection Manager record its events? 

A. the system event log 

B. the log file on the host 

C. the Event Viewer 

D. the /var/log/syslog file on the Pilot 

Answer: C 


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Q16. The storage administrator is looking for events with a specific severity. Which three event severities can be filtered for easy searching? 

A. Informational 

B. Critical 

C. Error 

D. Warning 

E. Normal 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q17. What are the main Controller options forthe FS1? 

A. Highperformance and high capacity version 

B. HPC and OLTP version 

C. Performance and Base version 

D. IB and FC host interconnect version 

E. OLTP and DSS version 

Answer: A 



Q18. The storage administrator realized that the SAN host is mapped to the wrong cluster LUNs. How can the storage administrator correct the LUN mappings? 

A. by moving the SAN host to the correct host group 

B. by manually updating each LUN mapping 

C. by associating the SAN host 

D. by installing the FS1 Path Manager 

Answer: D 



Q19. The storage administrator wants to monitor and perform diagnostics on the topology of back-end SAS interconnect of an Oracle FS System. Identify which command the storage administrator should use. 

A. the FSCLI pilot command 

B. the FSCLI topology command 

C. the FSCLI profile command 

D. the FSCLI system command 

Answer: C 

Q20. Which two are basic guidelines for adding Drive Enclosures (DEs) to an FS1 System? 

A. DEs are added by using the maximum number of available strings to keep strings balanced. 

B. Each Controller should have only four SAS cards installed. 

C. When multiple DE strings and DE types are specified in a system, the DEs within each string should include a mix of the different DE types in order to improve I/O performance. 

D. Cable connections are made using FC cables. 

Answer: B,C