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2021 Aug 1Z0-430 free practice test

Q21. What happens when you turn on ADF skin compression? 

A. It enables ADF to shorten the names of style classes, thereby reducing the file download size. 

B. It enables ADF to compress the generated CSS files, thereby reducing the file download size. 

C. It enables ADF to use sprites instead of images for skins, thereby reducing the number of files downloaded. 

D. It enables ADF to compress the icons and images within the CSS. 

Answer: A 



Q22. Which two methods can you use to create a two-level hierarchy in a portal navigation? 

A. Create subpages in the Portal Page Editor. 

B. Adjust the portal navigation manually by moving pages as desired. 

C. Use a Master-Detail relationship. 

D. Leverage the “level” attribute in the pageTemplate tag. 

Answer: A,C 

Q23. As the moderator of a portal, you want to delegate all management to another user except the ability to manage membership. 

How do you accomplish this? 

A. Grant the user the “Manage All” permission on the portal. 

B. Grant the user the “Manage Configuration” permission on the portal. 

C. There can be only one moderator of a portal. 

D. This is not a supported feature in WebCenter Portal. 

Answer: C 



Q24. Your customer requires that a particular user, Scott.Tiger, be a member of every portal created in WebCenter Portal. 

How do you achieve this? 

A. Plug in additional code to add the user during portal creation. 

B. You should not do this. This is a security breach and only moderators should add members. 

C. Uses WebCenter Portal REST or Web Services to achieve this. 

D. Use a portal template that contains the user as the member. 

Answer: C 



Q25. You create a Content Presenter Template with the following source code: 


<af:panelGroupLayout layout=”vertical” id=”pgl2” valign=”top”> 

<af:goLink text=”#{node.propertyMap[‘RD_NEWS:TITLE’].asTextHtml}” id=”gil1” destination=”#{‘/faces/home/news-viewer?news_id=’}#{node.propertyMap[‘dDocName’].value}” styleClass=”newstitle”/> 

<af:outputText value=”#{node.propertyMap[‘RD_NEWS:LEAD’].asTextHtml}” id=”ot2” styleClass=”bodyText”/> 

<af:outputText value=”#{node.propertyMap[‘RD_NEWS:IMAGE’].asTextHtml}” escape=”false” id=”ot1”/> 



What does this code mean? 

A. This template will render a single Site Studio file. It includes a Region Definition called RD_NEWS, and the following attributes: Title, Lead, and Image. 

B. This template will render multiple Site Studio files. It is a list (static or dynamic) of elements of a Region Definition called RD_NEWS, which has the following attributes: Title, Lead, and Image. 

C. This template retrieves a document with the RD_NEWS Content Type, and renders the following metadata fields: Title, Lead, and Image. 

D. This code is wrong. The Region Definition name should be declared in the node variable, not in the propertyMap method. 

Answer: B 


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Q26. Which two options correctly describe how you can add Oracle BPM task flows to a portal page? 

A. You can add BPM task flows to any page if the portal contains BPM task flows in its resource catalog. 

B. You can add BPM task flows to the pages of a Process Space that was created by extending the domain with the Process Spaces domain extension templates. 

C. You can add BPM task flows to any page that you have customized to include BPM attributes. 

D. You can add BPM task flows to any page in a portal, if the portal server is installed in a SOA domain. 

Answer: B,C 

Q27. You have a Portal with a page and a subpage. Examine these properties: 

Portal name: Demo 

A page in portal Demo: 

-ID: page0 

-External ID: 123 

-Name: Home 

A sub page of the parent page Home: 

-ID: page1 

-External ID: abc 

-Name: UX 

Which three are correct pretty URLs to display the subpage named UX? 











Answer: A,C,D 

Q28. What are the two recommended ways to perform configuration changes post deployment of WebCenter Portal applications for repeated deployments? 

A. using Fusion Middleware Enterprise Manager Control 

B. using WLST 

C. using deployment descriptors 

D. modifying the files for every deployment 

Answer: A,C 

56. On a normally well-performing environment, you are experiencing unexpected slow response times, or no server response, for some page requests in WebCenter Portal? You are attempting to debug this issue starting at WLS. 

Which two diagnostic steps should you take to resolve this issue? 

A. Submit more requests to the server to see if it responds. 

B. Check the WLS admin console to see the status of the managed server. 

C. Check the diagnostic log file for the managed server to see if there are STUCK threads. 

D. Perform a cold restart of the server. 

Answer: C,D 



Q29. You have users’ profile information distributed across LDAP servers. 

Identify two methods to aggregate and display user attributes from these LDAP servers. 

A. Use Oracle Virtual Directory. 

B. Use libOVD with join adapter configuration. 

C. Extend user profile. 

D. This is not feasible in Portal. 

Answer: A,C 

Q30. Which statement is true? 

A. If you want to use a certain page style to create a portal page, you have to upload it on the assets page of this portal. 

B. You cannot create a subpage that has a different security from its parent. 

C. When creating a portal page/subpage for a new portal created in, you are also creating a navigation item for its default portal navigation. 

D. You cannot change a portal page’s direct URL after its creation. 

Answer: C