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2021 Jul 1Z0-432 exam cram

Q21. When creating a server poolusing the SRVCTL utility, which server pool attributes are available? 







Answer: B 

Q22. Which three options can be used for storing database files in an Oracle Real Application Clusters database? 

A. Shared disk partitions as raw devices 

B. Shared disks managed by Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) 

C. Localfile system 

D. Shared disk partitions as block devices 

E. Network file system (NFS) on a certified network-attached storage (NAS) filer 

F. Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q23. Which two statements about the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository are correct? 

A. It is a single instance database that is managed by Oracle Clusterware. 

B. It is where the Cluster Health Monitor places data. 

C. It is created during a ''Typical" installation. 

D. It is stored inthe ASM disk group that is used as a Fast Recovery Area. 

Answer: B,C 

Q24. Identifythecorrectsrvct1commandto add thecrm01 instanceto the COB RAC 12cR1databasecrm onthe gm01node. 

A. Srvct1add cdb instance–dbcrm -instance crm01 -node gm01 

B. Srvct1add instance–dbcrm -instance crm01 -node gm01 

C. Srvct1add non-cdb instance–dbcrm -instance crm01 -node gm01 

D. Srvct1add pdb instance–dbcrm -instance crm01 -node gm01 

Answer: B 

Q25. If you upgrade to ASM 12cR1 and implement Flex ASM, do you need to upgrade all the databases to 12cR1? 

A. Yes.Allthe databases need to be upgraded to 12cR1 

B. No.You can run in a mixed 11.2 database instance and a 12cR1 database instance.The 

11.2 instance will use the Flex ASM instance of the other server. 

C. No.You can run in a mixed 11.2 database instance and a 12cR1 database instance, but the 11.2 instance willfail if the local Flex ASM instanceis moved to another server 

D. No.You cannot upgrade your database instance to 12cR1 

Answer: C 

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Q26. The Flex ASM instancesinyour four-node cluster currently have a cardinality of two.Identify the correct command that willchange the cardinality to three: 

A. $ srvctlmodify asm -cardinality 3 

B. $srvctlupdate asm -count=3 

C. $srvctlmodify asm -count 3 

D. $srvctlmodify flex count = 3 

Answer: C 

Q27. Which new syntax has been introduced in ASM release 12cR1? 

A. Alter diskgroup DATA replace disk data_0001 with '/dev/disk02' 

B. Alterdiskgroup DATAoffline quorum disk data_0001 drop after 1 m; 

C. Alterdiskgroup DATA set ownership owner = oracle for file '/dev/disk02' 

D. Alter diskgroup DATA drop disk '/dev/disk02' force; 

Answer: A 

Q28. Which statement best describes the interaction between an Oracle ASM instance and the Oracle Database? 

A. Oracle ASM provides an access path between a database instance and storage. 

B. A database instance uses an extent map provided by Oracle ASM to access data files 

C. Oracle ASM provides storage services only and does not interact with the database. 

D. An Oracle Database must use Oracle ASM in a high availability configuration. 

Answer: B 

Q29. You are building a new 12c cluster to accommodate the upcoming projects.You arecurrently working with the networkadmin team to define the requirementsneeded. Currently, thenetworkteam wouldlike to get cleared on the protocols beingused by the various network interface needed. Which three statements about Clusterware communication are correct? 

A. For the public network, each network adapter must support TCP/IP. This requirement holds true for both Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix environments 

B. For the private network, the interface must support the user datagram protocol (UDP) using high speed network adapters and switches that support TCP/IP. This holds true inthe Linux/Unix environment. 

C. For the publicnetwork, each network adapter needs tosupport only UDP, which provides lowlatency.This requirement holds true for both MicrosoftWindows and Linux/Unixenvironments 

D. For the private network,thenetworkadapters must use high-speed network adapters and switches that support TCP/IP. This requirement holds true inthe Microsoft Windows environment 

E. There is no mandatory requirement for the protocol being supported for bothprivate and public interfaces.Oracle RAC andClusterware aulomatically detect and support any current standard industry protocol 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q30. Which two statements about server pools are correct? 

A. Server pools logically apportion a clusterinto groups of servers offering database or application services 

B. MAX_SIZE and importance are valid server pool attributes, 

C. You can configure each server pool with a maximum size.The minimum size cannot be configured. 

D. Oracle Clusterware manages availability between server pools automatically.It cannot be manually configured. 

E. Servers are assigned to server pools by name 

Answer: A,D