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Q41. In a clustered Oracle ASM environment, a diskgroup is mounted in restricted mode. Which statement is correct? 

A. You can mount the disk group on all the nodes. 

B. You can issue any command, as long as you are using the force option. 

C. You can open the database located on this disk group only in standalone mode. 

D. You can open the database on this disk group only in restricted mode. 

E. You know that nobody is using the disk group, so you can perform a fast rebalancing on the disk group. 

Answer: E 

Q42. Consider the server pools configured in the following scenario.There are no servers inthecluster, and all server pools are empty. 

When server1 joins the cluster, it will be assigned to… 

A. sp1 

B. sp2 

C. sp2 and sp2_1 

D. sp2 and sp2_2 

E. sp2, sp2_1,and sp2_2 

F. sp3 

Answer: C 

Q43. Identify three characteristics of a RAC 12cR1service. 

A. Service Time Service name 

B. Instance Preference 

C. Server Pool Assignment 

D. Database Edition 

E. Cloud Policy 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q44. Which statement about the AU_SIZE disk group attribute is incorrect? 

A. It specifies the size of the allocation unit for a disk group. 

B. It can be changed at anytime for any disk group. 

C. You can view the value of thisattributeintheALLOCATION_UNIT_SIZE column of theV$ASM_DISKGROUP view 

D. The default sizeis 1 MB. 

Answer: B 

Q45. Which command can be used to create an Oracle ACFS file system resource? A)crsct1 create resource –t filesystem –f /dev/asm/<volname> -m /<mpontpoint> 

B)srvct1 add filesystem –m /<mountpoint> -d /dev/asm/<volname> 

C)asmcmd fscreate - - resource ACFS – mount / <mountpoint> -- file/dev/asm/<volname> 

D)srvct1 create resource –fs/dev/asm/<volname> -mount /<mountpoint> 

E)SQL > alter system add filesystem 

device = ‘/dev/asm/<volname>’ 

mount_dir = ‘/<mountpoint>’; 

A. Option A 

B. OptionB 

C. Option C 

D. OptionD 

E. Option E 

Answer: B 

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Q46. You are doing a RACimplementation for a customer.Your customer states that they have the hardware toinstalladditional network adapters on each RAC node.ldentify three reasons for which theymight need additional adapters 

A. Each server has at least two network adapters 

B. Each server was accidentally ordered with only one network adapter 

C. Each serveris using network-attached storage on one or two of their adapters 

D. They want to use the Redundant Interconnect Usage feature 

E. Eachserver has two network adapters and RAC requires at least three 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q47. After creating a volume and file system for a new Oracle ASM Cluster Filesystem,you must associate the ASM volume name with a mount point.Which command creates this registration? 

A. acfsutil -r /dev/asm/volumel-123 /mnt/acfs1 

B. acfsutil-r -a /dev/asm/volumel-123 -ro /mnt/acfs1 

C. acfsutil register -v /dev/asm/volumel-123 /mnl/acfs1 

D. acfsutil registry -a /dev/asra/volumel-123/mnt/acfs1 

Answer: D 

Q48. Which three statements best describe how Oracle ACFS takes advantage of Oracle ASM? 

A. File systems can be dynamically resized. 

B. Performance can be maximized through direct access to Oracle ASM disk groups. 

C. Oracle ACFS maximizes availability through a dedicated path on the Cluster Interconnect. 

D. Data reliability in Oracle ACFS is enhanced by Oracle ASM mirroring. 

E. All file systems are mirrored across Oracle ASM Disk Groups to increase reliability. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q49. What is the correct syntax to put a DATA1disk offlinefor a failure group FG1, and drop it after five minutes? 


B. It is not possible to drop it after five minutes. 

C. It is not possible to specify a disk In a FAILGROUP. 



Answer: A 

Q50. Which statement about Oracle ASM Cluster File Systems is incorrect? 

A. Oracle ACFS is a multiplatform, scalable file management system. 

B. Oracle ACFS can be used to extend ASM support to all customer files. 

C. Database files and application files are supported by Oracle ACFS. 

D. Oracle ACFS conforms to POSIX standards on Linux and UNIX platforms as well as Windows standards. 

E. Video, images, audio, and other general-purpose files are not supported by Oracle ACFS. 

Answer: E