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Q21. Your manager has tasked you with planning an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 installation. Which threeactions must be performed before beginning theinstallation? 

A. All nodes are configured with the same operating system and version. 

B. Network interfaces are configured for public and private traffic. 

C. A valid voting disk fileis available on at least one node. 

D. Shared storage is available from allservers. 

E. Each public network interface has its own subnet 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q22. Which are the correct steps required to discover targets manually, using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c? 

A. Enterprise > Configuration > Search 

B. Targets > All Targets > Configure 

C. Setup > Manage CloudControl > Management Services 

D. Setup > Add Target > Add Targets Manually 

E. Setup > Discover Targets > Add Targets Manually 


Q23. Which tasks andinwhich order must be performed, before you can change the mode of a standard cluster to Flex? 

A. 1.The node role must be set for each nodeinthe cluster. 

2. You must ensure that the GNS is configured with a fixed VIP. 

3.Flex ASM must be enabled for the cluster. 

4.Clusterware must be started on each node. 

B. 1.Clusterware must be stopped on each node. 

2.You must set the Flex ASM cardinality. 

3.Flex ASM must be enabled for the cluster. 

4.Clusterware must be started on each node. 

C. 1.You must ensure that the GNS is configured with a fixed VIP. 

2.Flex ASM must be enabled for the cluster. 

3.Clusterware must be stopped on each node. 

4. Clusterware must be started on each node. 

D. 1.Clusterware must be stopped on each node. 

2.New Application VIPs must be created 

3.You must ensure that the GNS is configured with a fixed VIP 

4.Clusterware must be started on each node. 


Q24. Which three options can be used for storing database files in an Oracle Real Application Clusters database? 

A. Shared disk partitions as raw devices 

B. Shared disks managed by Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) 

C. Localfile system 

D. Shared disk partitions as block devices 

E. Network file system (NFS) on a certified network-attached storage (NAS) filer 

F. Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q25. Which three statements accurately describe the components of the Cluster Ready Services Technology Stack? 

A. Cluster Ready Services(CRS):Aspecialized oraagent process that helps CRSD manage resources owned by rootsuch as the network, and theGrid virtual IP address 

B. Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS):Manages the cluster configuration by controlling which nodes are members of the cluster and by notifying members when a node joins or leaves the cluster 

C. Cluster Time Synchronization Service (CTSS): A background process that publishes events that Oracle Clusterware creates. 

D. Event Management (EVM). Provides time managementinacluster for Orade Clusterware 

E. Grid Naming Service (GNS):Handles requests sent by external DNS servers, performing name resolution fornames defined by the cluster. 

F. Oracle Agent (oraagent): This process was known as RACG in Oracle Clusterware 11gR1 (11.1). 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q26. Which statement about multipathing is incorrect? 

A. Multipathing solutions provide failover by using redundant physical path components 

B. Multipathing is a software technology implemented at the operating system device level 

C. Multipathing improves system performance by distributing theI/0 load across all available paths. 

D. Multipathingis automatically configured when Oracle ASM discovers multiple paths to the same disk space. 


Q27. You must complete three steps. 

Step 1: 


FILEGROUP controller01 DISK ‘/dev/asm_ocr_vote1’ 

FILEGROUP controller02 DISK ‘/dev/asm_ocr_vote2’ 

FILEGROUP controller03 DISK ‘/dev/asm_ocr_vote3’ 


‘au_size’ = ‘1M’ 

‘compatible.asm’ = ’12.1’; 

Diskgroup created. 

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

crsct1 query c@s votedisk 

##STATEFile Universal IDFile Name Disk group 

1.ONLINEbeb9443cca734f65bfa6b89cc574d565(/dev/asm-ocr_vote1) (OCR_VOTE) 

2.ONLINEbea9b6154c164f89bf6a593846ea3cc3(/dev/asm-ocr_vote2) (OCR_VOTE) 

3.ONLINEbed9j8324cl86f89bf6a593846ea3dd3(/dev/asm-ocr_vote3) (OCR_VOTE) 

Located 3 voting disk(s). 

Which command is required for step 2? 

A. crsctl replace +OCR_VOTE 

B. crsctl move votedisk +OCR_VOTE 

C. crsctl replace votedisk +OCR_VOTE 

D. crsctl replace <source_location> +OCR_VOTE 


Q28. Which command can be used to create an Oracle ACFS file system resource? A)crsct1 create resource –t filesystem –f /dev/asm/<volname> -m /<mpontpoint> 

B)srvct1 add filesystem –m /<mountpoint> -d /dev/asm/<volname> 

C)asmcmd fscreate - - resource ACFS – mount / <mountpoint> -- file/dev/asm/<volname> 

D)srvct1 create resource –fs/dev/asm/<volname> -mount /<mountpoint> 

E)SQL > alter system add filesystem 

device = ‘/dev/asm/<volname>’ 

mount_dir = ‘/<mountpoint>’; 

A. Option A 

B. OptionB 

C. Option C 

D. OptionD 

E. Option E 


Q29. The exhibit describes an Oracle Clusterware startup. 

Which itemis missing? 

A. ohasd 

B. ocssd 

C. crsd 

D. octssd 

E. osysmond 

F. oraagent 


Q30. Which statement about the server Flex ASMis incorrect? 

A. Flex ASM requires an ASM instance on each cluster node running an Oracle Database instance 

B. Flex ASM allows ASMclients to remotely connect to ASM over a network. 

C. WithFlex ASM ,a small pool of ASM instances can be used to serve a larger pool of database servers. 

D. When an ASM instance fails, the database clients and ASM cluster file systems can reconnect another ASM instance.