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2021 Jul 1Z0-434 study guide

Q31. Which statement correctly describes the role ofan Oracle Web Services Manageragent? 

A. It serves as a Policy Definition Point (PDP). 

B. It serves as a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP). 

C. It serves as both a PDP and a PEP. 

D. It is neither a PDP nor a PEP. 

Answer: C 

Q32. Identify two reasons why Oracle Cloud Adapters make it easier to integrate a SOA Suite application with a cloud-based application. 

A. They shield the developer from needing in-depth expertise on the functionality of the cloud-based application. 

B. They help the developer master the intricacies of the cloud application’s data model and mechanisms for security and session management. 

C. They come with a configuration wizard that is accessible from Enterprise Manager. 

D. They free the developer up to focus on building the business logic for related business processes. 

Answer: A,C 


Q33. You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capabilities of Oracle SOA Suite at your disposal. Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS queue to be processed by another application? 

A. Identify the variable as a key performance indicator (KPI) and track it inBAM. 

B. Use a composite sensor on the appropriate service or reference binding. 

C. Use a BPEL Process Manager sensor to collect the value and context. 

D. Use Oracle Event Processing (OEP) to monitor the activities being executed in the BPEL process. 

Answer: C 

Q34. You defined an event. You now want to trigger that event from an existing Mediator component. 

How do you link the event to the Mediator so that the Mediator can raise the event to the Event Delivery Network (EDN)? 

A. Use the SOA composite editor to specify the event as a property on the incoming wire into the Mediator component. 

B. Use a text editor to modify the .edlfile that defines the event so that the Mediator is identified as a publisher. 

C. Use the SOA Composite Editor to add a raise action to the Mediator’s.mplanspecification file. 

D. Use Enterprise Manager to associate the Mediator with the appropriate event. 

Answer: C 

Q35. The identity context is opaque to your web service client and web service and you don’t need to perform any additional coding or processing in your client or service to support it after you enable identity context propagation. 

Which Oracle SOA Suite component directly enables this behavior? 

A. Oracle Web Service Manager Policy Manager 

B. Oracle BPEL Process Manager 

C. Oracle Enterprise Manager 

D. Oracle User Messaging Service 

Answer: D 


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Q36. Which statement is true about how BPELProcess Manager handles the For Each activity? 

A. The counter variable of the For Each activity is global, so any change to it in the enclosed scope activity is retained and that change can impact the next iteration. 

B. The For Each activity executes a contained scope activity N times, where N is the final counter value minus the starting counter value. 

C. The For Each activity waits for the execution to finish for all the branches specified when the completion condition is specified and evaluated to true. 

D. The counter variable of a For Each activity is local to the enclosed scope activity, so a change to it outside the scope of the For Each, does not impact the next iteration. 

Answer: B 


Q37. Which three statements are true about the Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) facility? 

A. An ESS job request processor is responsible for allocating threads for job requests. 

B. An ESS job request dispatcher polls for job requests and invoked jobs. 

C. A WebLogic cluster must be established because ESS cannot run on just a single node. 

D. On the scheduling service home page, you can quickly find a list of the 10 job requests that have been running for the longest period of time. 

E. ESS is used internally by SOA Suiteand you typically don’t use it to schedule your own jobs. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q38. Which Oracle Event Processing (OEP) data cartridge should you use to track the GPS location of buses and generate alerts when a bus arrives at its predetermined bus stop positions? 

A. JDBC Data 

B. Oracle Spatial 

C. Hadoop Big Data 

D. NoSQLDB Big Data 

E. Java Data 

Answer: B 

Q39. What two architectural factors most heavily influence the interoperability of the Oracle Adapters with Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and Oracle SOA Suite? 

A. Oracle Adapters are based on the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 specification. 

B. Oracle Adapters use native APIs to connect to the supportedback-end applications. 

C. Oracle Adapters are deployed to the same Oracle WebLogic Servers as Oracle Fusion Middleware. 

D. Use of Oracle Adapters Extended Architecture (XA) features is completely optional. 

Answer: B,C 


Q40. Which three are proper applications of Oracle Service Bus? 

A. An existing Java web service is made available to clients running transports and protocols not originally planned by the original developers. No modifications to the web service implementation are required. 

B. A request is transformed and routed to an appropriate service endpoint based on the content of the request message. All complexity of the supporting runtimeprotocol selection is hidden 

C. A request for a large graphics job is split into smaller pieces that are processed in parallel by an existing rendering service. After all of the pieces have been processed, the results are joined to create a single response. 

D. A request containing a complex family tree is validated before being routed to an existing genealogy service. Recursive logic is implemented to validate that all relationships in the tree are consistent. 

E. A request for a background check is conditionally routed between multiple third-party validation services with different service-level agreements. Remediation must be handled if any one of the validation service calls fails. 

Answer: A,C,D