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Q41. Which two statements are correct about cluster support for Oracle SOA Suite 12c applications? 

A. A cluster appears to clients as multiple WebLogic Server instances. 

B. The server instances in a cluster must all run on the same machine. 

C. You can scale a cluster by addingmachines to the cluster to host additional server instances. 

D. Server instances in a clustercan run different versions of WebLogic Server. 

E. You can create a cluster by using WLST, the WebLogic Server Administration Console, or Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. 

F. For management purposes, you can split a cluster across multiple domain. 

Answer: D,E 


Q42. Which statement is false about debugging SOA composites? 

A. You can run the debugger in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. 

B. You can debug on local as well as on remote servers. 

C. Breakpoints are the intentional pausing locations in a SOA composite application that you set for debugging purposes. 

D. If the composite is not already deployed in the current JDeveloper session, then JDeveloper will redeploy it. 



Q43. In a BPEL model,what is the quickest way to implement a capability to skip rule execution if a particular condition holds? 

A. Model a switch activity to conditionally execute the business rule component. 

B. Use a skip condition on the business rule component. 

C. Include an XPath expression in an annotation on the business rule component. 

D. Use a correlation set on the business rule component. 


Q44. You have a situation where a collection of rules might provide a flexible way of externalizing logic in an application. 

Which two are accurate considerations to assess when you decide to use a decision table or if-then rules? 

A. The decision table’s spreadsheet metaphor is compact and familiar to end users. 

B. Decision tables can use globals whereas if-then rules cannot. 

C. The logic will likely require more rules if expressed as a decision table. 

D. Unlike with a decision table, an Expression Builder is provided for if-then rules to help you craft condition expressions. 

E. Built-in error prevention features for decision tables can help you build more complete and accurate rules. 

Answer: B,D 


Q45. You want to configure Oracle SOA Suite for Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA). Which two activities must be completed? 

A. Add managed servers to the domain configuration to support the Oracle SOA Suite cluster. 

B. Run the Configuration Wizard on each server that will host Oracle SOA Suite managed servers. 

C. Rework the Oracle SOA Suite domain configuration to use appropriate GridLink or multiple data sources. 

D. Manually retarget the Oracle SOA Suite deployments to the newly created cluster. 



Q46. The identity context is opaque to your web service client and web service and you don’t need to perform any additional coding or processing in your client or service to support it after you enable identity context propagation. 

Which Oracle SOA Suite component directly enables this behavior? 

A. Oracle Web Service Manager Policy Manager 

B. Oracle BPEL Process Manager 

C. Oracle Enterprise Manager 

D. Oracle User Messaging Service 



Q47. You are about to upgrade an environmentfrom SOA Suite 11gto SOA Suite 12cand you want to make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the upgrade process. 

Which two options are prerequisites? 

A. The operating system and the JVM must be 64-bit. 

B. SOA Suite must be at the, or patchset levels. 

C. Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) must have been migrated to use the DB or the LDAP-based policy store. 

D. The SOA server must be a single-node server so that it is not part of a SOA cluster. 



Q48. Which three are proper applications of Oracle Service Bus? 

A. An existing Java web service is made available to clients running transports and protocols not originally planned by the original developers. No modifications to the web service implementation are required. 

B. A request is transformed and routed to an appropriate service endpoint based on the content of the request message. All complexity of the supporting runtimeprotocol selection is hidden 

C. A request for a large graphics job is split into smaller pieces that are processed in parallel by an existing rendering service. After all of the pieces have been processed, the results are joined to create a single response. 

D. A request containing a complex family tree is validated before being routed to an existing genealogy service. Recursive logic is implemented to validate that all relationships in the tree are consistent. 

E. A request for a background check is conditionally routed between multiple third-party validation services with different service-level agreements. Remediation must be handled if any one of the validation service calls fails. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q49. Identify two correct statements about Oracle Event Processing (OEP). 

A. It is a platform to developand execute applications that process streaming data. 

B. It is designed to connect businesses using standards-based event communication protocols. 

C. It is a powerful CQL engine that performs filtering, aggregations, calculations, and pattern matching in near real time. 

D. It is an implementation of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) to process streaming data using regular expressions. 




Q50. You defined an event. You now want to trigger that event from an existing Mediator component. 

How do you link the event to the Mediator so that the Mediator can raise the event to the Event Delivery Network (EDN)? 

A. Use the SOA composite editor to specify the event as a property on the incoming wire into the Mediator component. 

B. Use a text editor to modify the .edlfile that defines the event so that the Mediator is identified as a publisher. 

C. Use the SOA Composite Editor to add a raise action to the Mediator’s.mplanspecification file. 

D. Use Enterprise Manager to associate the Mediator with the appropriate event.