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Q1. Given the following XML document, which two XPath expressions return the same result? 

<?xml version =”1.0” encoding =”UTF – 8”?> 


<book category=”COOKING”> 

<title lang=”en”>Everyday Italian Treats</title> 

<author>George Smith</author> 




<book category=”WEB”> 

<title lang=”en”>Getting Started with XPath</title> 

<author>Tammy Lee</author> 






A. bookstore/book/author 

B. bookstore/book/author/text () 

C. bookstore/book/author/* 

D. bookstore//author/text () 

E. //author/@text 

F. //author/*text 


Q2. Which three security schemes are supported by Oracle Service Bus (OSB)? 

A. partial encryption of a request as defined by a custom WS-Securitypolicy 

B. partial encryption of a request as defined by an OWSM policy 

C. authentication of a request as defined by an OWSM policy 

D. propagation of a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) token from aWebCenter portal to an OSB proxy service 

E. propagation of a SAML token from a WebCenter portal to the OSBconsole 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q3. Which two statements accurately describe the invoking of a human task? 

A. A web service client in a different composite can invoke a human task. 

B. A human task can invoke another human task in the same composite. 

C. A BPEL process can invoke a human task in a different composite. 

D. A human task can invoke another human task in a different composite. 

Answer: C,D 


Q4. Which three design considerations apply to an if-then rule? 

A. A rule function can be called. 

B. Aggregations such as count, max, and average can be used. 

C. A while loop can be employed. 

D. Fact object structures can be changed. 

E. A BPEL scope variable can be defined. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q5. You have modeled a Composite X for which the followingfault policy action has been configured for remote faults: 

<Action id=”ora-retry”> 







At runtime, when a remote fault occurs on at outbound invoke, thisora-retryaction is triggered. After the two configured retries are exhausted, which one occurs? 

A. The transaction of Composite X rolls back. 

B. The instance is marked “open.faulted” and is available for auto-recovery. 

C. The instance is marked “closed.faulted” and is available for error recovery from Enterprise Manager where the user can choose actions on the instance such as replay, rethrow, and abort. 

D. The default retryFailureAction is initiated and it rethrows the error back to the caller service. 



Q6. Which two are available as conditions for an alert rule in BAM 12c? 

A. between two times 

B. when rows are deleted from a data object 

C. a particular day of the week 

D. when a web service is invoked 

Answer: B,D 

Q7. Which Oracle Event Processing (OEP) data cartridge should you use to track the GPS location of buses and generate alerts when a bus arrives at its predetermined bus stop positions? 

A. JDBC Data 

B. Oracle Spatial 

C. Hadoop Big Data 

D. NoSQLDB Big Data 

E. Java Data 


Q8. For each enrollment request message, a health insurance carrier’s web service always returns a response message acknowledgement the receipt of the enrollment request. If there are problems fulfilling the requested enrollment, the web service may respond at a later time with an additional response message detailing why the enrollment could not be fulfilled. 

Which Oracle SOA Suite service component should be used to implement this integration pattern? 

A. BPEL Process 

B. Mediator 

C. Business Rule 

D. Human Workflow 


Q9. Which statement is true about how BPELProcess Manager handles the For Each activity? 

A. The counter variable of the For Each activity is global, so any change to it in the enclosed scope activity is retained and that change can impact the next iteration. 

B. The For Each activity executes a contained scope activity N times, where N is the final counter value minus the starting counter value. 

C. The For Each activity waits for the execution to finish for all the branches specified when the completion condition is specified and evaluated to true. 

D. The counter variable of a For Each activity is local to the enclosed scope activity, so a change to it outside the scope of the For Each, does not impact the next iteration. 



Q10. Which two statements accurately describe policy attachment in Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)? 

A. The order in which policies are attached to a subject determines the order in which the policies are executed. 

B. JDeveloper groups the policies that can be attached into five categoriesof interceptors. 

C. Multiple WS-Addressing policies can be attached to a policy subject. 

D. In Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, a security policy can be attached to a web service and it can be either enabled or disabled. 

Answer: A,C