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2021 Sep 1Z0-444 exam question

Q31. Which symbol denotes a threshold in a pattern? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. & 

B. $ 

C. @ 

D. % 

Answer: D 

Q32. Which table contains alert assignment, scoring, and highlight data? (Choose the best answer.) 





Answer: C 

Q33. During Ingestion, the AccountCustomerRole fails to load. Which task must be performed to restart the process? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Run the AccountGroup file and then return the AccountCustomerRole file. 

B. Return the AccountCustomerRole file after loading the Account file. 

C. Return the AccountCustomerRole file, after it has been corrected, before running dependent files. 

D. Return the AccountCustomerRole file, after it has been corrected, at any time prior to the completion of the entire ingestion process because there are no dependences on it. 

Answer: C 

Q34. Identify the option that is not a Data Ingestion process. (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Data Validation 

B. Data Loading 

C. Data Aggregation 

D. Data Consolidation 

Answer: D 

Q35. Which logging level displays SQL statements in the scenario log file? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Info 

B. Error 

C. Diagnostic 

D. Fatal 

Answer: A 

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Q36. Which data ingest component is not required for Trading Compliance? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Market Data 

B. BDF (Behavior Detection Framework) Datamaps 

C. Data Preprocessors 

D. Data Loaders 

E. DRM (Data Retention Manager) 

Answer: E 

Q37. Alert Information is transferred to Case Management when the alert is promoted to a case. In which mode does the alert data transfer process occur? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Delta and Asynchronous 

B. Delta and Full Refresh 

C. Synchronous and Asynchronous 

D. Full Refresh and Synchronous 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Transfer Alert Information can be handled in two ways: Synchronous and 

Asynchronous mode. 


Q38. Case Inheritance enables users to take ownership while _________. (Choose the best answer.) 

A. selecting a Case from the Case List in OPEN status 

B. taking a closing action on a Case in OPEN status 

C. taking a Monitor Action on an Open Alert 

D. selecting a Case in NEW status from the Case List page 

Answer: A 

Q39. If you are currently in $FIC_APP_HOME/common/FICServer/bin, how should you start the OFSAAI Infrastructure Server (also known as the Reveleus Server) for the very first time? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. nohup ./ & 

B. ./ & 

C. ./ 

D. ./reveleusstartup.bat 

Answer: C 


Q40. Which two versions of the Linux operating system are supported? (Choose two.) 

A. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

B. SUSE Enterprise Linux 

C. Oracle Enterprise Linux 

D. BSD Linux 

Answer: A,B