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Q21. Your customer wants a project in ODI, which contains a user function, to translate commands with different syntax for different technologies but with the same functionality. 

How can you achieve this?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. The project must be explicitly mapped within an ODI mapping. 

B. A customize knowledge module is needed. 

C. An ODI procedure must be associated with it. 

D. It can be defined for every technology listed in the topology. 




Q22. You are a project developer using ODI and want to consolidate your own local metadata repositories. Identify the true statement.(Choose the best answer.) 

A. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. The local metadata must be transmitted via ftp and synchronized with a dedicated proprietary engine, creating a common metadata model for all the developers. 

B. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. You have to invoke a dedicated web service to synchronize the metadata by using Oracle Service Bus. 

C. You need not consolidate your own local metadata repositories, because the ODI proprietary metadata server allows all developers to share the common metadata of a specific project. 

D. You need not consolidate yourown local metadata repositories, because ODI uses a 

centralized relational metadata repository that all the developers share. 


Q23. Your package logic requires you to retrieve the status of the previous package step into a variable. How must you implement this?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Create a variable, useodiRef.getPrevStepLog ()in the SQL query in its Refreshing tab, and add a variable as a Refresh Variable step into the package. 

B. Create a variable, useodiRef.getPrevInfo ()in the SQL query in its Refreshing tab, and add a variable as a Refresh Variable step into the package. 

C. Create a variable, useodiRef.getStep ()in the SQL query in its Refreshing tab, and add a variable as a Refresh Variable step into the package. 

D. Create a variable, useodiRef.getPrevStepStatus ()in the SQL query in its Refreshing tab, and add a variable as a Refresh Variable step into the package. 




Q24. Which two statements are true about ODI web-based components?(Choose two.) 

A. ODI Console allows administrators to edit users’ information. 

B. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides access to ODI data servers’ settings. 

C. ODI sessions can be monitored in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

D. ODI Console provides access to project and mapping details. 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: ( 

Q25. How are the domains of ODI Agents configured?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. by using Upgrade Assistant 

B. by using ODI Studio 

C. by using Domain Creation Assistant 

D. by using Configuration Wizard 




Q26. What must you set on the Definition tab of a variable to protect the variable value from being displayed in the Operator logs?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Select the Secure Value check box. 

B. Select the Hide Value check box. 

C. Set the Keep History field to No History. 

D. Leave the Default Value field empty. 




Q27. Which product is included in ODI web-based components?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Oracle BPEL Process Manager 

B. Oracle GoldenGate 

C. ODI Console 

D. Oracle WebLogic Server 


Explanation: ( 

Q28. Which ODI Agent is deployed in Oracle WebLogic Server?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. ODI Runtime Agent 

B. ODI Standalone Agent 

C. ODI JEE Agent 

D. ODI Colocated Standalone Agent 


Explanation: ( 

Q29. Which statement is correct about all expressions in a Mapping?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. It is possible to set the execution location on source, staging area, or target. 

B. All transformations are executed on the staging area. 

C. Only the source and target servers can be used to execute expressions. 

D. All expressions are executed on the source area. 




Q30. Which is the correct statement about the contents of Master repositories?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. They contain data model and security information. 

B. They contain security and topology information. 

C. They contain project and topology information. 

D. They contain project and security information.