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2021 Jun 1Z0-457 exam prep

Q31. Which usage is true when you utilize the HTTPS channel to set up secure communications for Oracle Enterprise manager? 

A. You use it for console access and agent data upload to Oracle management Service. 

B. You use it only for console access. 

C. You use it only for agent data upload to Oracle Management Service. 

D. You use it when you set up High Availability. 

Answer: A 

Q32. Identify four capabilities ofthe Oracle Enterprise Manager Compliance Management feature evaluate the compliance of targets and systems. 

A. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standards 

B. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standard rules 

C. Providing advice on how to bring a target and system into compliance 

D. Providing advice on how to bring a target, but not a system into compliance 

E. Defining, customizing, and managing custom compliance formulas 

F. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance frameworks 

Answer: ABDF 

Q33. Which statement is true about Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud and Virtualization management? 

A. It can perform live migration of the Hypervisor. 

B. It can perform live migration of ANSI-compliant Virtual Machines. 

C. It can perform live migration of Oracle VMs. 

D. It can perform live migration of storage pools. 

Answer: C 

Q34. When Oracle Enterprise manager is integrated with My Oracle Support, what are the three capabilities that can be performed? 

A. Assigning incidents to the IT staff for problem resolution 

B. Monitoring, updating, and creating service requests 

C. Comparing the patches installed in your configuration with What Oracle recommends 

D. Integrating with the external ticketing system and viewing the status of the help desk tickets opened Oracle Enterprise Manager 

E. Viewing the current patch recommendations from Oracle in Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Patch Recommendation 

Answer: BCE 

Q35. Which three practices are recommended for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository? 

A. For High Availability, Active Data Guard is recommended. 

B. For backup, RMAN is recommended. 

C. For clustering, Oracle RAC is recommended. 

D. For a standby and reporting archive, a MySQL database is recommended. 

E. For partitioning, enabling parallel query in INIT.ORA is recommended. 

Answer: ABC 

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Improved 1Z0-457 answers:

Q36. What four targets from an Oracle Exalogic Cloud System can be managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Application deployments 

B. Oracle WebLogic domains 

C. Oracle Coherence domains 

D. Oracle Database firewall 

E. Hosts 

F. Oracle WebCenter 

Answer: BCE 

Q37. What are three console personalization features that are available to users in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control? 

A. Users can add items to the menu on a page. 

B. Users can customize the layout of the regions on a page. 

C. Users can add or remove a region from a page. 

D. Users can select from a set of predefined home pages. 

E. Users can specify the tables displayed within each region. 

Answer: BCE 

Q38. Which three steps are true in Enterprise manager Cloud Control’s Cloud infrastructure administration setup? 

A. Provision Bare metal, Hypervisor, or the underlying infrastructure software for Database as a Service and Platform as a Service. 

B. Configure assembly deployments. 

C. Request assembly deployments. 

D. Define zones based on functional and operational boundaries. 

E. Clone WebLogic Domains. 

Answer: ACD 

Q39. Which three Oracle WebLogic Server Change and Compliance Management capabilities are available in Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Identifying the host practices related to the Weblogic Server configuration. 

B. Tracking application security compliance violations in Web logic Server 

C. Tracking networking compliance violations 

D. Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliance across the stack 

E. Ensuring WebLogic license compliance 

Answer: ABD 

Q40. Which three configuration management functions are included in the Oracle Enterprise manager WebLogic Management Pack Enterprise Edition? 

A. Comparing user files that are not associated with the Oracle Middleware home 

B. Tracking configuration drift 

C. Detecting policy violations 

D. Tracking memory drift 

E. Generating WebLogic regulatory compliance exceptions 

F. Comparing configurations across WebLogic Server domains 

Answer: BEF