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2021 Aug 1Z0-457 exam question

Q1. The shared file system loader configuration on the Oracle Enterprise management Service is for ____________. 

A. Auditing 

B. Security 

C. High availability 

D. High availability and security 

Answer: C 

Q2. Which statement is true when you perform out-of-place patching with Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. It is the recommended approach when your Oracle Home does not follow Oracle Flexible Architecture. 

B. It is the recommended approach when downtime is not a time constraint. 

C. All database are patched simultaneously. 

D. You are not able to retrieve the path recommendations because you are not connected to the network. 

E. Your original Oracle Home is available for recovery operations. 

Answer: E 

Q3. Identify four activities that can be performed by enabling oracle Enterprise manager repeat notifications. 

A. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same metric 

B. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same availability alert 

C. Send email notifications based on a designated repeat frequency. 

D. Limit email notifications by designating a maximum repeat notification. 

E. Get an email copy of a notification for regulatory compliance. 

F. Send email notifications based on a rotating calendar date. 

Answer: BCDF 

Q4. Which would you use for Composite Monitor and Modeler functionality? 

A. Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware 

B. Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Middleware 

C. SOA Management Pack EE 

D. Database Configuration Management Pack 

Answer: C 

Q5. Which Oracle Enterprise manager Ops Center capability is used by the High Availability capability for proxy controllers? 

A. Generating alerts and incidents if assets are no longer reachable 

B. Moving assets from one proxy controller to another 

C. Switching between agent and Agentless management access 

D. Upgrading agent controllers to the most recent version 

E. Patching the asset to the most recent version 

Answer: B 

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Q6. Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Consolidation Planner. 

A. Automatically generating a business justification and ROI document 

B. Determining likely candidates for consolidation 

C. Consolidating physical and virtual environments 

D. Identifying under or over utilized servers 

E. Identifying and compressing overlapping data 

Answer: BCD 

Q7. The Connector Framework for Oracle Enterprise Manager resides on __________ . 

A. Oracle Management Service (OMS) 

B. Oracle Fusion Applications 

C. Grid Control Console 

D. Memory Access Module 

Answer: A 

Q8. When you use the Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control single system upgrade method, backup of the Oracle Management Repository (OMR) is not necessary ____________. 

A. When all the practice upgrades on the test system are successful 

B. When you already have daily backup 

C. When disk space is not available 

D. When flashback is enabled 

E. But recommended as a best practice 

Answer: E 

Q9. To prepare a collection of servers or clusters with preinstalled database software, what two accounts can be logged in to create the Database Zone? 

A. Any account having the EM_SSA_ADMINISTATOR 

B. Any account having the EM_ALL_VIEWER role 

C. The SYSMAN account 

D. Any account having the EM_COMPLIANCE_OFFICER role 

E. The SYSOPR account 

Answer: AC

Q10. Information publisher provides out-of-the-box reports for which three sets of information? 

A. Enterprise Manager setup 

B. Troubleshooting 

C. Auditing 

D. Storage 

E. Security 

Answer: ADE