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Q31. Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Consolidation Planner. 

A. Automatically generating a business justification and ROI document 

B. Determining likely candidates for consolidation 

C. Consolidating physical and virtual environments 

D. Identifying under or over utilized servers 

E. Identifying and compressing overlapping data 

Answer: BCD 

Q32. The shared file system loader configuration on the Oracle Enterprise management Service is for ____________. 

A. Auditing 

B. Security 

C. High availability 

D. High availability and security 


Q33. How is Service Availability defined in Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Based on System and Service Test 

B. Based on Service Status 

C. Based on Service and System Status 

D. Based on System Test and Service Status 


Q34. Which two Oracle Enterprise Manager functionalitiescan reuse the application-Specific user session recordings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI)? 

A. Application Testing Suite 

B. Application Replay 

C. Application Workload Generator 

D. Configuration Management 

E. Compliance Management 

Answer: BDE 

Q35. Which statement is true about the Oracle Enterprise Manager JVM diagnostics capability? 

A. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with a database session as well as the SQL. 

B. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with a database session but not the SQL. 

C. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with SQL but not the database session. 

D. You use the Oracle Enterprise manager Java Explorer, not JVM diagnostics, to correlate a JVM thread with a database session as well as the SQL. 


Q36. What Enterprise Manager functionality can you use to monitor non-Oracle components from the Oracle Enterprise Manage console? 

A. User exits 

B. Connector Framework 

C. Management plug-ins 

D. Feature not supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager 


Q37. When Oracle Enterprise manager is integrated with My Oracle Support, what are the three capabilities that can be performed? 

A. Assigning incidents to the IT staff for problem resolution 

B. Monitoring, updating, and creating service requests 

C. Comparing the patches installed in your configuration with What Oracle recommends 

D. Integrating with the external ticketing system and viewing the status of the help desk tickets opened Oracle Enterprise Manager 

E. Viewing the current patch recommendations from Oracle in Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Patch Recommendation 

Answer: BCE 

Q38. Identify the correct sequence of processes involved in developing plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

A. Design, Develop, Validate, and Package 

B. Design, Develop, Package, and Validate 

C. Develop, Design, Validate, and Package 

D. Design, Validate, Develop, and Package 


Q39. Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager for Packaged Applications Management. 

A. Monitoring of application and troubleshooting of core components 

B. Control of application configuration and change 

C. Management of applications based on business goals 

D. Management of application code and version control 

E. Application license monitoring 

F. Application communication security 

Answer: ABD 

Q40. You are responsible for a mass development of the management agent. Which is the function you access through the Enterprise Manager console for this purpose? 

A. Agent Download 

B. Agent Deploy 

C. Clone Agent 

D. nfsAgentInstall