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Q21. You are calculating space requirements for an Oracle Enterprise Manager deployment that includes Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Service, Repository, CPU, and Memory. What should you base your estimates on? 

A. Fixed requirements 

B. Number of management agents 

C. Number of managed targets 

D. Previous experience 


Q22. Which three Oracle WebLogic Server Change and Compliance Management capabilities are available in Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Identifying the host practices related to the Weblogic Server configuration. 

B. Tracking application security compliance violations in Web logic Server 

C. Tracking networking compliance violations 

D. Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliance across the stack 

E. Ensuring WebLogic license compliance 

Answer: ABD 

Q23. Which one would you import from an LDAP directory to use in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control Chargebacks? 

A. Server names 

B. IP addresses 

C. Cost centers 

D. Database account names 

E. Subsidiaries 


Q24. What two prerequisites actions must a user perform to create Virtual Database (VDC) in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center? 

A. Associate a network domain with Server Pools 

B. Associate a public cNet with Server Pools. 

C. Create one or more Server Pools. 

D. Create one or more accounts. 

E. Create one or more vServer types. 

Answer: CD 

Q25. Identify two true statements about the setup and use of identity management within Oracle Enterprise manager. 

A. Credentials are used to access targets that are monitored and managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

B. Repository-Base Authentication is the default authentication. 

C. Single Sign-On Authentication is the default authentication. 

D. Credentials are used as the root of the data masking key. 

E. Using the SCOTT/TIGER identify, you can demonstrate but not configure Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

Answer: AB 

Q26. Identify three unique capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise manager Application Management Pack for Fusion Applications. 

A. Captures technical configuration and topology information that is specific to Oracle Fusion Applications 

B. Organizes and displays data by the Oracle Fusion Applications product 

C. Captures functional usage heuristics and histograms related to Oracle Fusion Applications 

D. Executes testing scripts for Oracle Applications 

E. Organizes and displays data by family of Oracle Fusion Applications 

Answer: BCE 

Q27. When you use the Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control single system upgrade method, backup of the Oracle Management Repository (OMR) is not necessary ____________. 

A. When all the practice upgrades on the test system are successful 

B. When you already have daily backup 

C. When disk space is not available 

D. When flashback is enabled 

E. But recommended as a best practice 


Q28. What Oracle Enterprise Manager pack can you use to compare two database schemas? 

A. Data Masking pack 

B. Database Lifecycle Management pack 

C. Database Diagnostics pack 

D. Database Tuning pack 


Q29. What two access control functions can be performed by using the Group feature in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control? 

A. Grant administrators access to the different groups of targets so that they can access only allowed areas. 

B. Create named credentials. 

C. Grant users the ability to add or delete a target in a specific group and to grantprivilegeson a group. 

D. Audit individual compliance with the security policies in the groups.pol file. 

E. Send an email notification to alert members when policy violation occurs. 

Answer: AE 

Q30. Which two statements are true about metrics in Oracle Enterprise manager? 

A. Metric extensions are the new way to create metrics that is introduced in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

B. User-defined metrics are not-supported for the targets monitored by oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

C. User-defined metrics do not need to be migrated to metrics extensions. 

D. Migration of collected, user-defined metric historic data is not supported with oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

E. Previous user-defined metrics do not need to be displayed or deleted after they are migrated to metric extensions. 

Answer: AE