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Q1. What is the primary purpose of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) that is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition/ 

A. To provide configuration data reports and best practices. 

B. To provide root cause analysis and recommendations based on performance metrics and configuration data of the stack (WLS, JVM, application, database, and hosts) 

C. To correlate JVM threads with the underlying database tier to provide across-tier rrot cause analysis and to generate reports showing database usage related to the JVM 

D. To alert on Java memory leaks in WenLogic Server 


Q2. Which statement is true when Oracle Enterprise Manager is used with virtual server pools? 

A. Can create and delete a virtual server pool 

B. Can only create a virtual server pool 

C. Can only delete a virtual server pool 

D. Cannot create or delete a virtual server pool. That is performed from the command line. 


Q3. Which three are key elements in theplugin.xmlfile for Oracle Enterprise Management? 

A. CredentialInfo 

B. CredentialType 

C. CredentialSet 

D. CredentialSetRow 

E. CredentialMember 

Answer: ABC 

Q4. Which agent configuration would you use for a single host that is running an Oracle 10g Database, an Oracle 11g Database, and an Oracle WebLogic Server? 

A. One agent for the database and one agent for the WebLogic Server 

B. One agent for all three 

C. One agent for each 

D. No agents required with SSL 


Q5. What method does Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control use for automatic discovery? 

A. Ping 

B. Telnet 



E. Socket Connect 


Q6. Which would you use for Composite Monitor and Modeler functionality? 

A. Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware 

B. Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Middleware 

C. SOA Management Pack EE 

D. Database Configuration Management Pack 


Q7. Information publisher provides out-of-the-box reports for which three sets of information? 

A. Enterprise Manager setup 

B. Troubleshooting 

C. Auditing 

D. Storage 

E. Security 

Answer: ADE 

Q8. Which statement is true when you perform out-of-place patching with Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. It is the recommended approach when your Oracle Home does not follow Oracle Flexible Architecture. 

B. It is the recommended approach when downtime is not a time constraint. 

C. All database are patched simultaneously. 

D. You are not able to retrieve the path recommendations because you are not connected to the network. 

E. Your original Oracle Home is available for recovery operations. 


Q9. Identify the application that is used to build and package applications as a set and that enables deployment by Oracle Enterprise manager. 

A. Oracle Virtual Application Builder 

B. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 

C. Oracle Application Jesting Suite 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle Package Builder 


Q10. In Oracle Enterprise Manager, what would you use for a job that you want to save and use again later? 

A. The job Repository 

B. The Job Scheduler 

C. The Job Library 

D. The Job Activity Service 

E. The Job Reuse Template