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2021 May 1Z0-465 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Your customer supports three different brands and needs to be able to send and receive emails using differently branded email. 

The end customers may not know that the three brands are supported by the same company or that the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service is being used. 

Identify the three configurations that must be made to enable this requirement. 

A. Use SMTP Forwarding from your customer’s mail server to the default service mailbox. 

B. Create three service mailboxes on the console, and use SMTP forwarding from your customer’s mail server. 

C. Use the Friendly From/Branded Address. 

D. Use the custhelp.com email address as the Reply To Address. 

E. Use your customer’s branded email address as the Reply To address. 

Answer: B,C,E 



* Key Elements of the RightNow CX August 2011 Release include: 

Enhanced Mailbox Branding - Provides a “Friendly From/Branded Address” field to 

increase personalization and relevance for service and marketing emails. 

Q52. Your customer is using standard statuses, status types, and the standard agent "My Inbox" report. 

Which two incident status types will show up in the agent’s “My Inbox” report? 

A. Solved 

B. Unresolved 

C. Waiting 

D. Updated 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: See figure below. 

Figure: My Inbox Report 


* Inbox—An agent’s personal queue consisting of all the incidents that have been assigned to the agent. 

* Incidents can have one of the four default incident statuses, or they may have a custom status 

defined by your RightNow administrator. The default statuses are Unresolved, Solved, Updated, and Waiting. 

* Info: Click this button to see details about the incident, including when it was created and last updated, the date when the initial response was due, the date of the initial response, the date of the last response, the closed date, the staff member who created it, and the incident ID. If the incident is in a rules state or has an escalation level, that information also appears. 

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Up to date 1Z0-465 study guide:

Q53. Your customer runs a 24/7 call center and has a policy starting that incidents that agent’s solved by the end of an agent’s shift should be moved out of that agent’s inbox to be worked by another active agent. 

Which two actions will accomplish this? 

A. The agent does a multi-edit update for all incidents in their inbox and changes the assigned field to full. 

B. The agent reassigns each incident to another agent before they log off. 

C. Add a business rule that when an agent logs out, the Assigned field should be set to null for any unresolved incidents for that agent. 

D. Create a workspace rule that sets the Assigned field to null when an agent logs out. 

Answer: B,C 



Not D: Use a business rule, not a workspace rule. 

Q54. Your customer has requested a workflow with the following requirements: 

All workflows have a return event that allows users to exit the workflow Every return event leads to a wrap up script that is positioned just before the incident workspace Every exit takes the agent to the incident workspace There is a "return to script" button on the workspace to take the agent to a workspace listing all available scripts. 

Identify the requirement that could not be met. 

A. The workflow must take the agent to an incident workspace to finish their work. 

B. The workflow must allow the agent to restart the workflow from the ending Initial workspace. 

C. There must be a single script that all agents see to finish their conversation with the end customer. 

D. The agent can exit any script in the workflow, go to the workspace, and return to the script page that they originally left from. 

Answer: D 



* Oracle RightNow Desktop Workflow Cloud Service helps agents switch context during interactions. With Oracle RightNow Desktop Workflow Cloud Service, you design workflows that span the ful interaction from start to finish. These interaction flows can present the agent with a sequence of workspaces and scripts dynamically as the context of the interaction evolves. As your workspaces become more tailored to specialized contexts, Oracle RightNow Desktop Workflow Cloud Service becomes an essential means of switching between workspaces 

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Certified 1Z0-465 braindump:

Q55. In which two sections of the Customer Portal is the Guided Assistance widget available for end customers? 

A. Ask a Question 

B. The answers list page only 

C. Any page the customer wants it placed 

D. The answers detail page 

E. The popular answers list page 

F. They are only available when using smart assistant 

Answer: C,D 



* For customers, Oracle RightNow Guided Assistance Cloud Service provides these benefits: 

/ It can be positioned where customers need help—on a Web page or in an answer. 

/ Guides can be deployed in multiple locations across your Website. 

/ Guides can be delivered on a PC or any Web-enabled mobile device with a modern 

JavaScript-enabled browser. 

* Customers can access Oracle RightNow Guided Assistance Cloud Service via a link on either Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Cloud Service or another Web page. To assist consumers, the guides created with Oracle RightNow Guided Assistance Cloud Service can be embedded in answers and include links to chat and other communication channels. Agents can access Oracle RightNow Guided Assistance Cloud Service whether they’re serving customers via phone, chat, or e-mail. Agents can then include guides (which can be triggered by workspace rules) and related answers in chat and e-mail responses. With Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Cloud Service, it’s easy for agents to find the most appropriate guide. 

Q56. Your customer has asked that all incidents be “scanned” for words that may revolve around product defects and injures so that they can alert their risk management team of any possible product issues or liability. The customer accepts that 100% accuracy is not available, and accepts that they will be false positives and a margin for error. 

They have provided you he following words to be “scanned”: 

Mouth Jaw Cheek Jowl Chin Oral Palate 

The customer requires the following: 

Match whole words only 

All valid words must be preceded with a space. 

All valid words must be spelled correctly. 

All words must be directly followed by a meta character in this list: 

, {comma} 

. {period} 

‘ {single quote} 

“ {double quote} 

; {semi colon} 

: {colon} 


! {exclamation point} 

? {question mark} 

& {ampersand} 

You decide to use a regular expression to search for these words in all incoming emails. 

^mouth [ , | . | ’ | ” | ; | : | | ! | ? | & ] | jaw [| , | . | ‘ | “ | : | ! | &] | cheek [ , | ‘ | ; | : | | ! | ? | &] |  

jowl [ , | . | ‘ | ; | | !| ? | &] | chin$ [ , | . | ‘ | “ | ; | | ! | ? | & ] | oral [ , | . | ‘ | “ | : | | ? | & ] | pallate [ , | . | ‘ | “ | : | | ! | ? | &] |  

Identify the three words that will be correctly matched to this regular expression. 

A. Mouth 

B. Jaw 

C. Cheek 

D. Jowl 

E. Chin 

F. Oral 

G. Palate 

Answer: C,D,F 


Cheek, jowl, and oral all appear correctly in the regular expression.