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Q21. Your customer would like to classify their incidents by the hierarchy of services they provide, and will route customer web form incidents to agents according to the type of help selected and by service in the hierarchy. 

Select the two statements that would satisfy these requirements. 

A. Use the product field to identify the services and the disposition field to identify the customer’s incident type of help. 

B. Use the product field to identify the services and the category field to identify the customer’s incident type of help. 

C. Use the product field to identify the services and an incident custom field to identify the customer’s incident type of help. 

D. Use the category field to identify the customer’s incident type of help, and an incident custom field to identify the services. 

Answer: B,C 

Q22. Your customer would like to run incident report with up to five years of data on incidents and activity for a given agent regardless of whether an agent has left the company. 

Your customer is not sure what they need to do to keep from deleting data for agents that have left the company. 

Identify which option would allow your customer to administer the staff accounts to enable the reporting abilities they require. 

A. Disabled from Assignment 

B. Disabled from Assignment and Report Filters 

C. Permanently Disabled 

D. Do not disable, but lock the staff account 

E. Reassign the old incidents to another staff accounts called Former Employee 


Q23. During requirements gathering, your customer determines that since they will be directing customers to support pages from their website, they would like the default Home page to be removed. 

Which three of the available options are required to complete this requirement? 

A. Delete the home.php file from the customer portal site. 

B. Update the config verb CP_Login_URL 

C. Remove the "Home page" navigation option from the template file. 

D. Update the config verb CP_HOME_URL. 

E. Upgrade the site.css file to remove references to the Home page. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q24. Your customer would like to have the default search report (Answers – Complex Expression Search Default) on their customer portal page altered with the following requirements. 

. They want the New and Update tags to be displayed for only 7 days. . They want to display the Answer’s score. 

Identify the two options that will enable you to complete the requirements. 

A. Delete the exceptions for New and Updated. 

B. Unhide the computed score (solved) column. 

C. Change the variables for $new and $updated. 

D. Update the configuration settings of ANS_NEW_INC_DURATION and ANS_UPD_INC_DURATION. 

E. Insert the score (solved count) columns. 

Answer: D,E 


D: Specify how long an answer is displayed as new. ANS_NEW_INC_DURATION Specify how long an answer is displayed as updated. ANS_UPD_INC_DURATION 


* Both long-term and short-term solved counts are used to calculate the score. 

* Score—A calculated value that ranks the order of displayed answers. An answer’s score is determined by its solved count and any display position that was set when the answer was added or updated. 

Q25. Within the password configuration settings what does the grace period control? 

A. The number of days after an account is locked when the user can request an online reset of his password 

B. The number of days a notice is sent to the user before his password expires 

C. The number of days after a password expires that the user can still log in before the account is locked 

D. The number of days before a manager is noticed of a locked account 


Explanation: Grace period after expiration before account is locked. 

Q26. Your customer has five different incidents queues: 


Tier 2 




The Help and VIP queues have the quickest response goals. 

Which two configurations will ensure that an agent’s profile pulls incidents assigned these queues first using a single agent profile? 

A. Create an agent profile to only work these two queues. 

B. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile. 

C. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile with Helper and VIP being the first two in the list. 

D. Use the First Due Pull Policy 

E. Use the Strict Priority Pull Policy 

Answer: C,E 

Q27. Your customer is using standard statuses, status types, and the standard agent "My Inbox" report. 

Which two incident status types will show up in the agent’s “My Inbox” report? 

A. Solved 

B. Unresolved 

C. Waiting 

D. Updated 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: See figure below. 

Figure: My Inbox Report 


* Inbox—An agent’s personal queue consisting of all the incidents that have been assigned to the agent. 

* Incidents can have one of the four default incident statuses, or they may have a custom status 

defined by your RightNow administrator. The default statuses are Unresolved, Solved, Updated, and Waiting. 

* Info: Click this button to see details about the incident, including when it was created and last updated, the date when the initial response was due, the date of the initial response, the date of the last response, the closed date, the staff member who created it, and the incident ID. If the incident is in a rules state or has an escalation level, that information also appears. 

Q28. How many levels can Products, Categories, and Dispositions have in each hierarchy? 

A. 2 

B. 3 

C. 4 

D. 5 

E. 6 


Explanation: Products and categories organize data in the same ways, and you can choose to use either or both when you configure RightNow Service. If you use both, incidents and answers can be organized into specific classifications, and customers can search for answers using product and category filters. You can create up to 6 levels each of products and categories and specify the number of levels agents must enter when working with incidents. 

Q29. Your customer has linked products and dispositions together on their site. On the agent’s incident workspace the list of dispositions is not being filtered. 

Select the two actions that will assist in troubleshooting this issue. 

A. Your customer's agents must log out and log back in. 

B. The Auto Build product disposition links is not selected. 

C. The incident workspace does not have a filter workspace rule assigned. 

D. The enable product disposition linking is not selected. 

E. The client has not refreshed the incident in the incident workspace. 

Answer: C,E 

Explanation: C: You can use workspace rules to filter out unwanted dispositions. 

Q30. Which are two true statements about chat surveys? 

A. You can create a chat rule to email a transactional survey to the customer at the end of a chat. 

B. Sending a link to a survey can only be done by the agent during or at the end of chat. 

C. You can create a chat rule to pop up a transactional survey at the end of a chat. 

D. When displaying a link to a chat survey, customer information cannot be linked back to the chat. 

Answer: A,C 



* Chat Surveys Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service facilitates real-time chat sessions between your agents and customers visiting your Website. Completion of a chat session is a prime time to gather feedback measuring the effectiveness of the chat channel and to gain deeper insight into your online customer experience. Configurable chat business rules enable you to present customers with a Website link survey when the chat session is complete or when the chat is canceled (C). A transactional survey may also be e-mailed to the customer after the chat is completed instead of “popping” the survey to the screen. (A) 

* As part of the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service solution, there are at least 11 different ways to listen to your customers: transactional surveys, broadcast surveys, Website link surveys, chat surveys, voice surveys, surveys by proxy, answer feedback, site feedback, social monitor, support community, innovation community, and periodic review of incidents.