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Q1. View the exhibits. 

Your manager asks you to create a report that shows every Staff Account and how many open incidents have been assigned to them. Which report definition meets this criteria? 

A. Exhibit A 

B. Exhibit B 

C. Exhibit C 

D. Exhibit D 

E. Exhibit E 


Explanation: Use inner join. 

Q2. View the Exhibit. 

Your customer has “Gold” level SLAs being applied to organization automatically with an organization rule. 

After six months the business decides to reduce the turnaround time for the response. 

Instead of responding in 24 hours yours agents need to respond to the end customers within the business hours. 

You modify the Gold SLA to reflect this change but you notice that the SLA reports are still using a 24 hours response time. 

Which statement is correct? 

A. Your site has been corrupted with “Ghost” SLAs (See Exhibit). 

B. You have not activated the rules so the updated SLAs are not being applied. 

C. Updating the SLA will not automatically update the organization’s SLA. 

D. The SLA reports will need to be modified to use the new SLA. 


Q3. When using standard reports within the Analytics module there is a limit to what can be edited in each report. 

Select the two items that are editable on a standard report. 

A. Schedules 

B. Report Heading 

C. Non Selectable Filters 

D. Column Headings 

E. Graphs 

F. Permissions 

Answer: A,B 

Explanation: A: choose Edit Report Definition 

In edit mode, on the Home tab, choose Scheduling. 

. Choose Add Schedule, and then change the format to HTML Email (Images/Charts sent in email) 

. Name the schedule, fill in your e-mail address, and set the recurrence to weekly. 

. Save your report. 

Q4. Referring to custom fields in the system, identify the column identifier that indicates it is a custom field. 

A. CO$ 

B. C$ 

C. RN$ 

D. CF$ 

E. $C 


Explanation: In the latest RightNow API (February 2012 and May 2012 release), one of the important changes we need to be aware of is the structure of custom field and the query format in ROQL. 

In the older API version, all custom field API name has a prefix of “c$”. e.g, c$mycustomfield. You can query the custom field data out by using the following ROQL: 

Select ID, c$mycustomfield FROM Contact; 

Q5. Your customer requested that you create a new report and make it available in the agent’s navigation set. 

You create the report and add it to the agent’s navigation set. However, the agents cannot see the new report. 

Select three actions you must perform to identify the reason the report does not display for the agents. 

A. Request the agents to log off and log back on. 

B. Check the Customize Navigation Sets selection. 

C. Review the navigation set in the profile to ensure it matches the navigation set you updated. 

D. Validate the Analytics permissions set for the report 

E. Review the filters in the report to ensure the Assign field selection is set to Logged In. 

F. Verify that profile permissions in Service has a check for “Read” under Incidents. 

Answer: C,D,E 



* The staff members assigned to the profile have access to only those reports and items defined in their profile’s navigation set unless you allow staff members with that profile to customize their navigation set. 

* Navigation sets control the navigation lists and buttons that staff members see on the navigation pane of the RightNow CX Console. 

Navigation sets can be created for staff members who have any combination of responsibilities, and can be assigned to staff members in their profiles. 

Every staff member has a profile, and every profile must include a navigation set that all staff members with that profile use when they work in RightNow CX. 

A navigation set is a combination of navigation buttons and their associated navigation lists. 

Q6. Your customer has performed a search on the knowledgebase and has stated that they are getting strange results. Every time they search for the word "widget" the correct answer appears as the 10th answer on the search results and not at the top of the first page. 

How can you increase the value of the word "widget" In the knowledgebase search results? 

A. Assign all products and categories to the knowledgebase answer. 

B. Set the display position to "Fix at top." 

C. Set the display position to "Place at top." 

D. Add the search term to the keyword field of the knowledgebase answer. 




Not B: would ensure that widget would always be at the top over every list, but the value of 

the word would not be affected. 

Q7. Which example requires the use of a one to many, parent child custom object application? 

A. Your customer wants to keep track of the end customer's Customer identification Number 

B. Your customer has stated that they want to report on end customers that have similar attributes. 

C. Your customer has stated that they want to track when end customers are contacted by sales associates. 

D. Your customer wants to keep track of all the cars the end customers drive. 


Explanation: One single customer may use many cars. 

Q8. You have created variables for your customer address to be used throughout their system 

What three pieces of functionality will allow the use of these variables? 

A. Answers 

B. Incidents 

C. Incident Rules 

D. Standard text 

E. Workflow 

F. Agent Scripting 

Answer: A,C,F 

Explanation: A: You can use variables when authoring answers 

C: A variable is a piece of data with a value that can change during rules processing. You define what its default, or starting, value should be. Then, based on conditions you specify, the variable can be modified by rule actions. You can also use the value of a variable as a condition of a rule. The value of the variable is temporary, existing only during the particular rules processing session. When rules processing is started the next time, the variable’s value is reset to the default value. 

Q9. A customer wants to change the following text on the receipt and ask submit page: 

“Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for the follow up: #120728-000001 

A member of your support team will get back to you soon. 

If you need to update your question and you already have an account, log in, click the Your Account tab, and select the question to open and update it.” 

Which two actions will allow you to identify the correct message base item if you do not know which message base you need to edit? 

A. Run a message base report and search for the text string you want to change. 

B. Identify the customer portal page that includes the text you want to change and identify the message base from within the code. 

C. Look for the message in the receipt email body. 

D. Submit an incident to customer care. 

Answer: A,B 

Q10. Your customer was reviewing published answers in their knowledgebase. 

They noticed that several of the answers had irrelevant answers listed in the “Answers other found helpful” section of the answer detail page. 

What step is required to eliminate the individual irrelevant answers? 

A. Remove the related answers widget from the Customer Portal page. 

B. Remove the irrelevant answers from manually related answers. 

C. Block the irrelevant answers from Learned Links. 

D. Delete the irrelevant answers from Sibling Answers. 




* A meta-answer is a collection of related answers that are all associated with the same products and categories. These related answers are called sibling answers, and that relationship is defined on the CX Console, not on the accessibility interface