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2021 Oct 1Z0-466 exam answers

Q31. Which is the type of closure described as the mechanical an analytical step associated with the closure of a project or phase? 

A. Contractual 

B. Typical 

C. Intra-business 

D. Conventional 

Answer: A 

Q32. Select the three applicable goals of the OUM Manage Focus Area. 

A. Identify and communicate with project stakeholders. 

B. Effectively transition from the sales (bid) process to Project Start Up 

C. Manage to reduce overall project risk. 

D. Define scope of work. 

E. Decreases implementation time. 

F. Create better project plans. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Explanation: /The Manage focus area is organized into 13 processes: (B)Bid Transition (D)Scope Management 

Financial Management 

Work Management Risk Management Issue and Problem Management Staff Management 

(A)Communication Management Quality Management Configuration Management Infrastructure Management Procurement Management Organizational Change Management 

/OUM Manage Focus Area 

Q33. What is the basis for the Project Management Plan [PMP]? 

A. the Project Framework 

B. the project deliverables 

C. the resourcing plan 

D. the procurement plan 

Answer: A 

Explanation: The creation of the PMP is started with the Project Management Framework in the task BT.070 – Create Project Management Framework, which is part of the OUM Manage Focus Area’s Project Startup Phase. The project manager creates the Project Management Framework, along with the project sponsor and other stakeholders. At this point in the project, the Project Management Framework represents the PMP at the strategic level. In fact, the Project Management Framework can be thought of as the initial or high-level version of the PMP. 

Q34. Select the two plans that are always active in the project at any given time. 

A. Transition Plan 

B. Training Plan 

C. Implementation Plan 

D. Iteration Plan 

E. Inception Plan 

Answer: C,D 

Explanation: There are two plans active in the project at any given time – the implementation plan and the iteration plan. 

Q35. What is true about the Implementation Plan? 

A. It shows the detailed tasks for the duration of the project. 

B. It is not modified after the Project Execution and Control phase begins. 

C. It is a subset of the Project Management Plan. 

D. It focuses on the objectives, milestones, and number of iterations for the project 

E. It covers a single phase. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: In a project setting, the Implementation Plan is a high level plan that focuses on milestones, objectives, and the number of iterations..It is the plan that is typically developed at the start of an engagement identifying the project phases and milestones..

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Q36. What describes the nature of the activities within the Project Execution and Control phase? 

A. They are dependent upon one another. 

B. They are dependent upon earned value. 

C. They are ongoing. 

D. They are grouped according to priority. 

Answer: A 

Explanation: The Manage focus area has three phases: Project Start Up Phase Project Execution and Control Phase Project Closure Phase 

Integration of the Manage focus area phases with the Implement focus area phases is illustrated below: 

Q37. What is the definition of Scope Change Management? 

A. Capture, evaluate, and approve change requests to the agreed project baseline 

B. Establish clear boundaries for the work products. 

C. Identify when new team members are needed. 

D. Evaluate vendor bids. 

Answer: A 

Q38. Which of the five Principles of OUM is described as the development or implementation of a software system done incremently through reception of a series of tasks intended to first define the system broadly, at high level, and then refine the definition of the system by adding details in subsequent iterations? 

A. Business Process and Use Case-Driven 

B. Architecture-Centric 

C. Iterative and Incremental 

D. Risk-Focused 

E. Flexible and Scalable 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Note: Iterative and Incremental OUM recognizes the advantages of an iterative and incremental approach to development and deployment of information systems. Any of the tasks within OUM may be iterated. Whether or not to iterate, as well as the number of iterations, varies. Tasks may be iterated to increase quality of the work products to a desired level, to add sufficient level of detail, or to refine and expand the work products on the basis of user feedback 

Q39. Select three statements that are true about the OUM Implement Core Workflow. 

A. It helps accelerate practitioner's understanding of the Oracle Unified Method. 

B. It helps project teams focus on the essentials. 

C. It focuses on custom development projects. 

D. It can be used to identify the weak points of a project. 

E. It identifies the most important tasks. 

F. It focuses on configuration projects. 

Answer: A,B,E 

Explanation: A:OUM Implement Core Workflowshould serve to accelerate the understanding of OUM by new practitioners. 

B: The Implement Core Workflow also highlights the tasks that are at the heart of the Implement focus area. 

E:The first step is to start from a core set of tasks. We recommend that you consider using the OUM Implement Core Workflow for this purpose along with an OUM view that best matches the needs of your project. Remember, though, that the views tend to be a superset of tasks related to a particular solution, discipline, or technology. Therefore, the core workflow and views should be used together to achieve the right balance for your project. 

Q40. What is true about the Work Management Plan? 

A. It outlines the major milestones of the project. 

B. It is a document produced during the contract process. 

C. It documents the strategy, control processes, and policies that are used to manage, support, and implement the work during the project. 

D. It is produced by the Configuration Management team. 

E. It defines the competencies of the project team. 

Answer: C 



*The purpose of the Work Management Plan is to establish procedures for defining, 

monitoring, and directing all work performed on the project. 

*The Work Management Plan should clearly state the procedures for defining, 

documenting, gaining agreement on, and communicating the project’s work plan and the 

processes to be used for which the plan would be executed and controlled. 

The project work plan is the hub of project management as it denotes all activities that the 

team will be participating in within the project’s scope, objectives, and approach and it 

provides a repository of data that the project manager can utilize to manage the project to 

plan. Processes that would be used for work plan execution and control would include the following: 

.Developing the Baseline Project Work Plan 

.Controlling the Work Plan through the life cycle of the project. 

.Executing the Work Plan 

.Managing Team Work 

.Managing Team Time