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2021 Jun 1Z0-478 free question

Q21. You want to leverage the Event Delivery Network (EDN) in your composite application for publishing and subscription. 

Which two components do you use? 

A. Business rule 

B. Mediator 

C. BAM adapter 

D. Spring component 

E. BPEL process 

Answer: BE 

Q22. You expand a business rule component that a colleague added to the BPEL process. You see an Assign element named Facts_To_Rule_Service. 

Which statement is true bout this Assign element? 

A. It was added automatically based on entries that your colleague made in the dialog box that approved when the business rule component was added to the BPEL model. 

B. Your colleague manually added this Assign element after adding the business rule component to the BPEL Model. 

C. This Assign element was automatically added when your colleague manually added the corresponding Rule_Service_To_Facts assign to the BPEL model. 

D. You can delete this Assign because it was created for documentation purposes only. 

Answer: A 

Q23. By using the System Component Architecture (SCA) test framework, you can create tests for which three items? 

A. Reference binding components 

B. Service components like a Mediator 

C. Wires 

D. Invoke activities in a BPL process 

E. Composite sensors 

Answer: ABC 

Q24. Which statement is true about editing adapter InteractionSpec endpoint properties with Enterprise manager Fusion Middleware Control? 

A. InteractionSpec properties can be added or removed, but they take effect only after the composite is retired and activated. 

B. Adapter endpoint property values can be changed, but they take effect only after the composite is retired and activated. 

C. Adapter endpoints property values can be changed, and they take effect without retiring and activating the composite. 

D. InteractionSpec property values cannot be changed. 

Answer: C 

Q25. You just added a business rule component to the components section of the SOA Composite Editor canvas. You open your business process for editing and notice that there is no partner link to the decision service for the new rule component. 

What do you do next to make the link appear? 

A. Add an invoke activity to the BPEL model to call the decision service. 

B. Edit the business rule component and specify the If/then rules or the decision table. 

C. Add a business rule component to the BPEL model. 

D. Add a partner link to the BPEL model. 

Answer: D 

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Q26. A partner needs to access services that are defined in one of your Service Composite Architecture (SCA) applications via a web service interface. Which approach (and accompanying reasoning) describes a loosely coupled and robust solution? 

A. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an Interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to hide the locations of your SCA application, perform load-balancing across those endpoints, and provide the ability to define service level agreements to help ensure that you are meeting your contractual obligations to the partner. 

B. Use the Mediator component to provide a web service interface to your SCA application. This arrives you the flexibility of using the industry standard XSLT technology to perform translation and transformations. 

C. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to "skin" your SCA application with a web service interface and still provide a robust experience to the partner. 

D. Allow the partner simply to connect directly to the SCA application. This provides the best performance and helps keep the partner happy. 

Answer: B 

Q27. Which statement is correct about a JCA common client interface? 

A. The JCA binding component uses the JCA common client Interface APIs to communicate with the resource adapter. 

B. The resource adapter uses the common client interface APIs to communicate with the EIS. 

C. The resource adapter implements the standard MessageListener interface to poll for events from the EIS. 

D. The application server uses the common client interface APIs to commune with the EIS. 

Answer: A 

Q28. How is a SAML token used by OWSM for identity propagation? 

A. As each web service in a chain is invoked, OWSM generates a SAML token and inserts it in the WS-Security header of the request message. 

B. A SAML token is generated on invocation of the first web service in a chain and is stored in the Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS) Subject so it can be used throughout the transaction by subsequent web services. 

C. A SAML token is used to determine the destination address of the next web service in the chain. 

D. The SAML token, embedded in the X.509 certificate or Kerberos ticket, is extracted by OWSM and delivered to the next web service in the chain. 

Answer: A 

Q29. Identify the best description of the recommended use of shared storage in a high-availability (HA) implementation of Oracle SOA Suite? 

A. To allow access to a common installation home for all domain cluster members 

B. To allow access to a shared JTA log 

C. Shared storage is not recommended for Oracle SOA Suite. 

D. To allow access to the default user store on the file system for all domain cluster members 

Answer: A 

Q30. What does service abstraction do? 

A. It hides the implementation details of a service. Including the location of the service, the interface, and the idempotence of the operations. 

B. It creates services quickly and easily for a variety of back-end technologies. 

C. It translates and transforms messages. 

D. It mediates security models. 

Answer: A