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2021 Sep 1Z0-478 practice test

Q11. View the Exhibit. 

The Exhibit shows a display from Enterprise manager Fusion Middleware Control where you can monitor and manage BPEL service engine properties. Where are all changes to this configuration stored? 

A. bpel_config.xml in MDS 

B. soa-infra-config.xml in $MW_HOME/soa/config on each physical host in cluster 

C. soa-infra-config.xml in the soa-infra-wls.ear file 

D. a temporary directory on each physical host in the cluster 

Answer: B 

Q12. Identify two service components that can be added to the components section of the SOA Composite Editor. 

A. Database adapter 

B. BPEL process 

C. File adapter 

D. Business rule 

E. ADF-BC service 

Answer: BD 

Q13. Composite A has two versions deployed lo the SOA runtime. Version 2.0 is the default revision, and Version 1.0 is an earlier (but active) revision. Version 2.0 has 100 instances in the Running state also hits 50 instances that are waiting for a callback on a mid-process < receiver> within a BPEL component in the composite. You undeploy Version 2.0. 

Which statement describes what happens after undeployment completes? 

A. All running Instances and the callbacks are allowed to complete on Version 1.0, but all new requests are served by Version 1.0. 

B. All running Instances are allowed to complete, the callbacks fail after undeployment and all new requests ate served by Version 1.0. 

C. All running instances immediately go stale, including the instances that are awaiting callbacks on the mid process <receive>. 

D. All running instances immediately go stale, but the callbacks are processed by Version 1.0. 

Answer: C 

Q14. Composite X invokes an outbound DB adapter to write data to a database table. You have configured JCA at the binding component as follows: 

<property name = “jca.retry.count” type = “xs:int” many = “false” override = “may” > 2</property> 

<property name = “jca.retry.interval” type = “xs:int” many = “false” override = “may” > 2</property> 

You have also modeled a modeled a fault policy to retry the invocation three times in case of remoteFault as follows: 



Which result describes what happens when the database that is being accessed by the above binding component goes down? 

A. The invocation is retrieved for a total of two times every two seconds. Fault policy retries are ignored. 

B. The invocation is retried for a total of six times every three seconds. 

C. The invocation is retried for a total of six times every two seconds. 

D. The fault policy retries occur within the JCA retries. So two JCA retries are executed two seconds apart. Within each JCA retry, three fault policy retries are executed three seconds apart. 

E. The JCA retries occur within the fault policy retries. So three fault policy retries are executed three seconds apart. Within each fault policy retry, two JCA retries are executed two seconds apart. 

Answer: E 

Q15. In your solution, a web service client needs to invoke a series of three web services in support of a single transaction. The third web service needs the identity of the original web service client. 

Which statement describes how the identity is made available by Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)? 

A. The transaction manager accesses an internal table that maintains credentials used to invoke each individual web service in the chain. 

B. Each web service in the chain does its own authentication so the third web service handles its own identity checking. 

C. OWSM sets the user in the Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS) Subject when the first web service successfully authenticates, and the Java Subject is used by subsequent web services to access the identity. 

D. OWSM stores a SAML token from the first web service invocation in a database table, and that table is accessed by subsequent web services in the chain to retrieve identity. 

Answer: C 

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Up to the immediate present 1Z0-478 question:

Q16. Which capability or benefit is not applicable to Oracle Service Bus? 

A. Service mediation 

B. Service abstraction 

C. Translation and transformation 

D. Service creation 

E. Stateful processing 

Answer: E 

Q17. Identify two features of Oracle BAM. 

A. Enterprise Manager's monitoring capabilities are central to Oracle BAM's ability to monitor performance indicators. 

B. You can analyze and present Information from activities spanning multiple systems and applications. 

C. Rich browser-based dashboards provide visibility into current values of key performance indicators (KPIs). 

D. There is a built-in trouble ticket system to track assignment and completion of corrective actions. 

Answer: AC 

Q18. How are task outcomes processed in a BPEL process? 

A. Each path out of the human task activity has a condition in which you specify the outcome that causes that path to be followed. 

B. With onMessage or pick activities that receive the outcome from the human workflow engine. 

C. With a switch containing a case for each outcome of interest plus an optional otherwise case after the human task activity. 

D. With a switch containing one case for each possible outcome after the human task. 

Answer: C 

Q19. Which SOA Suite capability enforces WS-* standards for authentication and authorization? 

A. BPEL Process Manager 

B. Enterprise Manager 

C. B2B 

D. Web Services Manager 

Answer: D 

Q20. Which three statements are true about enabling streaming support in adapters? 

A. Enabling streaming allows larger payloads to be read by the adapters. 

B. Enabling streaming improves message throughput and latency. 

C. Enabling streaming leverages features of the scalable DOM in Oracle XML Developer Kit (XDK). 

D. The benefits of enabling streaming are better when payloads are of relatively large. 

Answer: ACD