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Q1. When more than one policy is attached to a policy subject, the combination of policies needs to be valid. Which statement is true about the valid combination of policies for a policy subject? 

A. Only one MTOM policy can be attached to a policy subject. 

B. More than one Reliable Messaging policy can be attached to a policy subject. 

C. Both a Reliable Messaging policy and a WS-Addressing policy cannot be attached to the same policy subject. 

D. Only one security policy can be attached to a policy subject. 


Q2. You want to leverage the Event Delivery Network (EDN) in your composite application for publishing and subscription. 

Which two components do you use? 

A. Business rule 

B. Mediator 

C. BAM adapter 

D. Spring component 

E. BPEL process 

Answer: BE 

Q3. Identify two service components that can be added to the components section of the SOA Composite Editor. 

A. Database adapter 

B. BPEL process 

C. File adapter 

D. Business rule 

E. ADF-BC service 

Answer: BD 

Q4. View the Exhibit. 

A user has configured Mediator M1 to receive and route product Information from System X into its internal applications in chronological order. For each product1 M1 receives one create number of "update" events from an AQ Queue via a JMS adapter. M1 can receive updates to the product at any time of day. 

The user claims that incoming messages for each product are received and processed in the correct chronological order 95% of the time. However, the messages are being processed out of order 5% of the time. This results in critical errors in the target systems. The user expects all messages pertaining to a product to be unconditionally processed In the order of arrival at M1. 

What causes this discrepancy? 

A. The user is running on a four node SOA cluster and has not configured the inbound JMS adapter to be a singleton. 

B. The user is running a single-node SOA environment but has configured the number of inbound adapter threads to be a value greater than 1. 

C. The given Mediator configuration does not address this sequencing requirement. 

D. The user has configured resequencer worker threads to a value greater than 1 for the Mediator service engine. 


Q5. Identify two correct descriptions of Oracle Event Processing (OEP). 

A. It is technology used to develop near-real-time, event driven systems 

B. It uses standard SQL to run some of the same queries that are executed in transactional systems. 

C. It is a time driven and request-focused form of traditional business intelligence (BI) 

D. It distills information value from many simpler events into a few more useful summary level events. 

Answer: AB 

Q6. Identify the best description of the recommended use of shared storage in a high-availability (HA) implementation of Oracle SOA Suite? 

A. To allow access to a common installation home for all domain cluster members 

B. To allow access to a shared JTA log 

C. Shared storage is not recommended for Oracle SOA Suite. 

D. To allow access to the default user store on the file system for all domain cluster members 


Q7. A partner needs to access services that are defined in one of your Service Composite Architecture (SCA) applications via a web service interface. Which approach (and accompanying reasoning) describes a loosely coupled and robust solution? 

A. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an Interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to hide the locations of your SCA application, perform load-balancing across those endpoints, and provide the ability to define service level agreements to help ensure that you are meeting your contractual obligations to the partner. 

B. Use the Mediator component to provide a web service interface to your SCA application. This arrives you the flexibility of using the industry standard XSLT technology to perform translation and transformations. 

C. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to "skin" your SCA application with a web service interface and still provide a robust experience to the partner. 

D. Allow the partner simply to connect directly to the SCA application. This provides the best performance and helps keep the partner happy. 


Q8. In a BPEL model, what is quickest way to implement a capability to skip rule execution if particular condition holds? 

A. Model a switch activity to conditionally execute the business rule component. 

B. Use a skip condition on the business rule component. 

C. Include an XPath expression in an annotation on the business rule component. 

D. Use a correlation set on the business rule component. 


Q9. Identify two fundamental terms in Service Component Architecture (SCA) that are represented visually in the SOA Composite Editor. 

A. Application 

B. Entry point 

C. Component 

D. Wire 

E. External call 

Answer: CD 

Q10. What does SOA governance complement and influence? 

A. Data center capacity planning 

B. Decisions to use SOAP-based vs. REST-based web services approaches. 

C. Data models that define a shared view of corporate data resources. 

D. IT governance processes and structures