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Q21. Your customer says that they have some specific requirements they would like to address in the boot disk layout for their system. In which Enterprise Installation Standars (EIS) document would you note this? 

A. Site Audit Report 

B. Installation Configuration Plan 

C. Test Procedures Plan 

D. Project Schedule 

E. Operational Handover Document 

Answer: B 

Q22. Which three components require IP addresses when you configure the SP network? 


B. SP1 




Answer: A,B,C 

Q23. You are connection serial and network cables to two SPs located at the front of the server. Your customer has requested that you set this up to enable 1-GbE network speeds. Which action would you take? 

A. Connect 32 CAT6A cables from the SPO and SP1 SER MGT RJ-45 ports to separate terminal devices. 

B. Connect Category 5 cables from the SPO and SP1 SER MGT RJ-45 ports to separate terminal devices. 

C. Connect Category 2 cables from the SPO and SP1 SER MGT RJ-45 ports to separate terminal devices. 

D. Connect Category 6 (or better) cables and network devices that support 1000BASE-T networks to separate terminal devices 

Answer: D 


Q24. You opened a console into PDom2 and you now want to get back to the SP. would you use? 

A. ~. 

B. ~# r 

C. Esc-( 

D. #. 

Answer: D 

Q25. Using the SP ILOM commands to list properties, which command would you use to find out the mapping for all CMU boards in physical Domain 1 to the CPUs? 

A. show /Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain.l/System/Processors -level 3 location 

B. show / Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain_l/DCUs -level 3 location 

C. show /Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain_l/SP/Processors -level 2 location f 

D. show /System/Processors/C PUs -level 2 location 

Answer: A 


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Q26. Which two statements are correct regarding the power and cooling requirements of a SPARC M5-32 server? 

A. The airflow is from the front to the back of the server. The approximate server airflow is: Maximum; 4200 CFM Typical: 2500 CFM 

B. Only a raised floor with perforated tiles in front of the server is supported. 

C. Cooling from ceiling vents is not supported. 

D. If using a raised floor, you need to arrange seven perforated tiles in front of the server so thatcold air from the tiles can flow into the server. Each perforated tile should support an airflow of approximately 600 CFM. 

Answer: A,C 


Q27. While planning for the installation of a SPARC M5-32 server, you notice that a more recent version of a patch is available than what is currently on the EIS-DVD. According to the Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) methodology, what should you do? 

A. Always install the most recent version of patch. 

B. Delay installation until the updated patch is published to the EIS-DVD. 

C. Do not install the patch unless instructed to do so by an EIS Alert. 

D. Never install patches outside of the EIS- DVD. 

Answer: B 

Q28. When installing Solaris 11, which two locations can be used to obtain the software? 





Answer: B,C 


Q29. You have completed an OS installation in a PDom and, after subsequent reboots, you observe an error message regarding the pseudo- cdrom. Which command do you use to clear it? 

A. clear faults 

B. reset /HOSTx 

C. boot -r 

D. power off 

Answer: C 


Q30. You have performed the initial installation of Solaris 11 on your SPARC M5-32 system. You notice thatsome packages, like SunVTS, are not currently installed. What is the reason? 

A. There was an error in the Oracle Solaris 11 installation process. You must re-install. 

B. SunVTS needs to be downloaded separately from 

C. After the system has been installed and rebooted, SunVTS and other packages can be added as described in the Solaris 11 EIS checklist. 

D. SunVTS is no longer supported on Oracle Solaris 11. 

Answer: B