Exam Code: 1Z0-489 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q41. You have performed the initial installation of Solaris 11 on your SPARC M5-32 system. You notice thatsome packages, like SunVTS, are not currently installed. What is the reason? 

A. There was an error in the Oracle Solaris 11 installation process. You must re-install. 

B. SunVTS needs to be downloaded separately from http://downloads.oracle.com. 

C. After the system has been installed and rebooted, SunVTS and other packages can be added as described in the Solaris 11 EIS checklist. 

D. SunVTS is no longer supported on Oracle Solaris 11. 




Q42. Which three statements are true about the SPARC M5-32 server power grid connection? 

A. The server is designed to be powered by two utility power grids. 

B. You must connect three power cords (ACO, AC1, and AC2) to one power grid, and connect the remaining three power cords to a second power grid (AC3, AC4, and AC5). 

C. Only 3x power cords need to be connected when operating the server at half load. 

D. All six power cords must be connected, even if you are using only a single power grid. 

E. With dual-power feed set up, the first set of three power cords connected to the server are usedto supply power, and the second set of three power cords are in standby mode. 

Answer: A,B,E 



Q43. Where do you perform the completion of ASR activation? 


B. ASR Client 

C. ASR Manager 

D. SP 




Q44. You are ready to run SunVTS. Which two commands can you use? 

A. startsunvts-t 

B. startsunvts -all 

C. startsunvts -g 

D. startvts 

Answer: A,D 

Q45. You are unable to add an Oracle ILOM user account. Which option represents a possible reason for this? 

A. You need to add SSH keys to the system before creating additional user accounts. 

B. You do not have the user management role enabled. 

C. You do not have the host control role enabled. 

D. You have exceeded the maximum number of 30 user accounts. 




Q46. A “cold” system is placed into a computer center (cooling air/normally approximately 20° C168" F). With power on, the chip/layer temperature rapidly becomes close to room temperature, because the overall system is not being cooled due to the fact that the "cooling" air is warmer than the "cold" system. In such a scenario, the "warming up" period is probably complete within only 1-2 hours. 

What are two possible outcomes of this scenario? 

A. inability to power-on the system after it is acclimatized 

B. long-term damage (hair-cracks) on the computer boards 

C. intermittent equipment failure 

D. lack of network connectivity after it is booted 

Answer: B,D 



Q47. Which component is a building block of physical domains (PDomainsorPDoms)?