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Q11. A customer calls in and reports a problem with CMU#10. They said they have an issue with HOST1. What Domain Configurable Unit (DCU) is this board located in? 

A. DCU_0 

B. DCU_1 

C. DCU_2 

D. DCU_3 

E. DCU_4 


Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19874-01/820-4443-11/chapter1.html 

Q12. You opened a console into PDom2 and you now want to get back to the SP. would you use? 

A. ~. 

B. ~# r 

C. Esc-( 

D. #. 


Q13. The SPARC M5-32 server is well –suited for many workload requirements. Which requirement does the SPARC M5-32 server best fulfill? 

A. business-critical workloads that scale up to 32 cores 

B. applications that need fast and reliable virtualization technologies with no extra cost 

C. workloads that need encryption without sacrificing application performance 

D. consolidation of mission-critical workloads, where each needs physical isolation domains (PDoms) 


Q14. You are performing some of the initial Service Processor (SP) login steps. How do you verify that you are on the Active SP? 

A. Enter > show /SP/redundancy status where the result is "status = In progress". 

B. Enter > show /sp/redundancy status where the result is "status = Active", 

C. Enter > show /sp/redundancy status where the result is "status = Go", 

D. Enter > show /SP/redundancy status where the result is "status = Ready". 




Q15. Which three components require IP addresses when you configure the SP network? 


B. SP1 




Answer: A,B,C 

Q16. Your customer is asking you the reason for using the EIS methodology to manage their installation. Which statement is true regarding using the Installation Configuration Plan as part of that methodology? 

A. It enables you to define your test procedures to ensure successful installation. 

B. It enables you to define your system configuration: boot disk layout, networking, and physical domains. 

C. It enables you to perform an In-depth site analysis. 

D. It allows you to perform final sign-off with the customer after the installation is complete. 


Q17. Which statement is true regarding the SPARC M5-32 server SP (service processor) and SPP (service processor proxies)? Each SPARC M5-32 server has_____ 

A. 2x SP, and works with 16x SPP local in 16x CMU 

B. 2x SP, and works with 4x SPP local in 4x IOU 

C. 2x SP, and works with 4x SPP local in 4x DCU 

D. 2x SP, and works with 16x SPP local in 4x DCU and 4x IOU 




Q18. You need to run a snapshot to collect SP data. Which two options you can dump the snapshot to? 





Answer: B,D 



Q19. Email alert notifications have stopped working. Which two targets should be checked to confirm that email alert configuration has been set up correctly? 

A. /SP/clients/smtp 

B. /SP/clients/snmp 

C. /SP/faultmgmt 

D. /SP/config 

E. /SP/alertmgmt/rules 

Answer: A,D 

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19469-01/819-4363-12/sunvts_diag_x4540.html 

Q20. The service processor collects audit and event records. The records can be used to show when certain actions occurred on the SPARC M5-32 platform. Which two commands list the event and audit log entries? 

A. show /SP/logs/event/list 

B. show /System/Log/audit 

C. show /SP/logs/audit/list 

D. show /Servers/Log/list 

Answer: B,D