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2021 Oct 1Z0-495 free question

Q21. Identify the threechoiceswhen configuringapprovals. 

A. Approve mode 

B. Submit mode 

C. Alternative approve hierarchy 

D. Auto approval 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q22. As compensation administrator, you arerequired to show“Actual Amounts paid to the worker”in the Total Compensation Statement. To meet this requirement,which component must becreated? 

A. Compensation Item 

B. Compensation Category 

C. Compensation Source 

D. Compensation Statement Definition 

Answer: A 

Q23. As an implementation consultant, you are required to define a total compensation statement. To construct the total compensation statement, you must follow a set of activities in sequence. 

Select the correct sequence to construct a total compensation statement. 

A. Create compensation items >> attach the items to compensation categories >> arrange categories hierarchically in the statement definition >> specify the statement period and display options >> generate the statement. 

B. Create compensation items >> specify the statement period and display options >> arrange categories hierarchically in the statement definition >> attach items to compensation categories >> generate the statement. 

C. Create compensation items >> generate a statement >> specify the statement period and display options >> arrange categories hierarchically in the statement definition >> attach items to compensation categories. 

D. Create compensation items >> attach the items to compensation categories >> generate the statement >> specify the statement period and display options >> arrange categories hierarchically in the statement definition. 

Answer: D 

Q24. As an implementation consultant, you have defined a total compensation statement. You have defined three compensation items (a new hire bonus, a profit sharing bonus, and a quarterly bonus), which are attached to the bonus category. You no longer need the quarterly bonus item but you are unable to delete it. 

Which statement is true for the given scenario? 

A. The item cannot be deleted, because it is attached to a category. 

B. The above scenario does not stand true as the item can be deleted. 

C. More than one administrator might be using the item and, therefore, it cannot be deleted. 

D. Before deleting the item, you must configure a zero value behavior for the item. 

Answer: C 

5. A corporation needs to set up a compensation plan for a Housing allowance that willallow the company to grant these allowances to only employees above a particular role. 

Identify the option that indicates the correct way of implementing it. 

A. Set up role-based security to the Individual compensation wor1< area so that only managers are allowed. 

B. Set up access restrictions to the individual compensation plan using the correct HR act/on so that it can be added only to the specific roles. 

C. The payroll administrator must add the element to the employees in the specified roles, because this cannot be achieved through configuration. 

D. Set up a salary basis and restrict the eligibility to the required roles. 

Answer: C 

Q25. Oracle Fusion Compensation has nine predefined salary components.Your client has a requirement that allowa salary adjustmentbased on the numberof dependants the employee has, and this allowance must be mapped to a separate component. Because this allowancecannot have a logicalmapping with any of thepredefined components, you decide to create a new salarycomponent called “Family Allowance”. 

Which option would you use to achieve this? 

A. The Configure Compensation Component task Manager plans 

B. The Salary Component Lookup 

C. It is not possible to achieve this, because only the delivered salary component can be used 

D. The Compensation Models 

Answer: C

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Q26. A corporation has implemented Oracle Fusion Compensation for a manufacturing client. The Fusion consultant must create an element eligibility link for an Earnings element. 

While creating the element eligibility link, which three options can be set up in the element eligibility work area? 

A. General information 

B. Input values 

C. Costing 

D. Status processing rules 

E. Retroactive components 

F. Auto indirect rules 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q27. While administering compensation, the managers in the organization want to first allocate compensation to the outstanding performers with compa-ratio less than 80 and, therefore, want to view only this population. How would you, as a consultant, help the managers achieve this? 

A. Use the Advanced Filter option in the worksheet to create a custom condition. 

B. Control the population by using eligibility profiles. 

C. Use the sort feature in the worksheet to control this. 

D. This cannot be done once the population is finalized and the compensation cycle is started. 

Answer: C 

Q28. The manager administering compensation has the option to create budget models to be used to allocate compensation. 

Which four options regarding compensation modeling are correct? 

A. Modeling enables managers to automatically allocate compensation to employees who meet certain criteria. 

B. Managers can create their own models and use them. 

C. Managers cannot share a model created by them. 

D. Managers can use a model created by compensation professionals. 

E. Access of a model is limited only to the creator of the model. 

F. A model can be shared with the direct reports of the creator. 

Answer: A,C,D,F 

Q29. As compensation manager, you are creating a Salary compensation item to define a total compensation statement. Which two statements are correct about compensation items? 

A. Compensation items are the foundation upon which the Compensation Statement is built. 

B. Compensation items cannot be used across statement definitions. 

C. Compensation items need not be mapped to the specific source from which the compensation information is retrieved. 

D. Compensation items can be added to statement definitions directly. 

E. Compensation items are added to a compensation category to include them in statements. 

Answer: B,D 

Q30. Which two methods can be used by the Compensation Administrator to publish budgets? 

A. Publish budgets manually. 

B. Copy budget amounts from a previous cycle. 

C. Use a model to distribute budgets. 

D. Publish budgets automatically by running the Build Model process. 

Answer: B,C