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2021 Jun 1Z0-498 exam guide

Q11. Your company has set up the burdening functionality to capture the overhead costs incurred on all projects. It has been decided that these overhead costs will be stored as a separate expenditure item performed to set up the required expense account? 

A. Set up the account at the expenditure type defined for the burden transaction. 

B. Set up the total burdened cost credit SLA. 

C. Set up the burden cost account SLA, 

D. Set up the burden cost clearing account SLA. 

E. Set up the account at the expenditure category defined for the burden transaction. 

Answer: C 

72. Select three options included in Project Billing for Contract Types. 

A. Burdened Costs 

B. Interprojcet 

C. Billing Controls 

D. Intercompany 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q12. Which two options are relevant and true for Manual CapitalEvents? 

A. Costs and assets are grouped periodically throughout the duration of the project. 

B. Costs and assets areusually grouped at the required time within the project duration 

C. They aresuitable for blanketprojectsthat capture costs for repetitive work. 

D. They are suitable Tor [Phased projects where assets are placedIn service after eachphase is completed. 

Answer: A,C 



Q13. Identify two reference data objects for which the default set assignments canbe done for a project unit set determinant. 

A. Project Definition 

B. Project Transaction Types 

C. Project Rates 

D. Project Accounting Definition 

Answer: B,D 



Q14. Your clienthas expressed a desire to produce and summarizeinvoicelines for non-labor transactionstype or expenditure, based on the high level tastes of the project. Which invoiceformat grouping should be used to achieve this? 

A. Top Task,Employee 

B. Top Task,Expenditure Type 

C. Revenue Category, ExpenditureCategory, Top Task 

D. Top Task,Expenditure Category 

E. TopTask. Revenue Category, Expenditure Category, Expenditure Type 

Answer: B 

Q15. Select the phrase that best completes the sentence below. 

“Project Creation” is an example of__________. 

A. a job 

B. an abstract role 

C. a duty 

D. a privilege 

Answer: C 

1Z0-498  test

Renewal 1Z0-498 practice question:

Q16. Through which two aspects does Fusion PPM provide improved capability of Role Based Security? 

A. enforcement across entire technologystack 

B. single point of administration forboth applications and technology 

C. monitor key projects transaction processing and exception rates 

D. transparentand consistent data security 

E. non-centralized access and function-based entitlement management 

Answer: B,D 

Q17. By using Project Integration Gateway, a person can use Global Data model to provide the capability to set up the integration for a business unit and a project unit combination. Based on this information, identify two true statements regarding this integration model. 

A. Business unit providesFinancial periods and currency 

B. Projectunitprovides financial periodsand currency 

C. Project unitprovides resources. 

D. Business unit provide planning resource breakdown structure. 

Answer: A,D 



Q18. Selectthe four duties the project administrator isentitledto, by default, in Budgeting and 


A. edit budget and forecast planning option 

B. create versions 

C. generate versions 

D. submit versions 

E. approve versions 

F. review versions 

Answer: B,C,E,F 

Q19. Identify two valid mappings of seeded project roles to project space roles. 

A. Project Team Member-Moderator 

B. Project Team Member - Participant 

C. Project Manage- Participant 

D. Project Manager - Moderator 

Answer: A,C 

Q20. Choose the correct statement related to the project start and end dates. 

A. If the task dates roll up the task hierarchy automatically, then the project dates can be edited. 

B. If the task dates roll up the task hierarchy automatically, then the project dates cannot be edited. 

C. In an auto roll up of task dates, the project start date does not coincide with the earliest task. 

D. In an auto roll up of task dates, the project start date does not coincide with the latest task finish date. 

Answer: C