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Q11. A customer recently had a security audit, when they were told that their test and developmentenvironment contained test data, which was the copy of production data, yet was not properly protected. What technology should be used to quickly bring these environments into compliance?

A. Advanced Security Option

B. Audit Vault

C. Database Vault

D. Data Masking Pack tor Enterprise Manager

E. Label Security

Answer: C

Q12. View the exhibit below and examine the details entered.

User HR has made some modifications to the data in the HR.EMPLOYEES table. You need to now restore the data in the table to a previous version and use the Enterprise Manager.

From which source dose the operation flash back the table data to the specified time?

A. redo logs

B. undo tablespace

C. flash recovery area

D. temporary tablespace

Answer: C

Q13. Which three statements about the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) are true? (Choose three)

A. requires the database to be open

B. analyses the performance of specified objects

C. implements all recommendations automatically

D. recommends solutions and quantifies expected benefits

E. retains snapshots in the SYSAUX tablespace until the database is restarted

F. analyzes the snapshots stored in the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

Answer: D,E,F

Q14. Which three statements are true regarding the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA.

templates? (Choose three)

A. Templates are stored as XML files.

B. Templates are stored as HTML files.

C. A new template can be created using only an existing database.

D. Seed templates contain only the logical strut tuna of .in existing database.

E. A new template can be created using either an existing database or template.

F. Seed templates contain both the logical structure and physical files of an existing database.

Answer: A,E,F

Q15. Which three statements are true regarding an Oracle instance? (Choose three)

A. One instance is associated with only one database.

B. Multiple database instances can run on one computer.

C. Only one database instance can run on one computer.

D. One instance can be associated with multiple databases.

E. A database instance is created based on the information in the control file.

F. A database instance is created based on the information in the SPFILE file.

Answer: A,B,F

Q16. Which statement is true regarding undo tablespace?

A. Undo tablespace Is a temporary tablespace.

B. Only one undo tablespace can exist in a database.

C. Undo tablespace can consist of only one data file that is reused in a cyclic fashion.

D. Multiple undo tablespaces can exist in a database but only one can be active at a lime.

Answer: D

Q17. You issue the following command as a DBA:


What would be the outcome of the above command?

A. It causes the instance to abort.

B. It waits for all sessions to disconnect.

C. It rolls back the current transactions and disconnects a/I sessions.

D. It waits for the current transaction in each session to complete before disconnecting the sessions.

Answer: B

Q18. Which two statements are true regarding the segment shrink operation? (Choose two.)

A. It compacts data within the segment.

B. It decreases I he size of the tablespace.

C. It can be performed only on an offline tablespace.

D. It reclaims unused space and retains it within the tablespace.

Answer: A,D

Q19. Which two options describe the features of simple views? (Choose two.)

A. hide data complexity

B. improve data storage

C. provide additional level of security

D. speed up query and data manipulation language (DML) operations

Answer: A,C

Q20. View the exhibit above.

Which two statements ore true regarding the status of data file backups after31 days?(Choose two)

A. In Rash recovery area, they are deleted immediately.

B. In non lash recovery area, they .ire marked as obsolete and have to be deleted manually.

C. In flash recovery area, they are marked as obsolete but retained and deleted automatically when space is required.

D. In non flash recovery area, they are marked as obsolete but retained and deleted automatically when space is required.

Answer: C