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2021 May 1Z0-515 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. For which type of query is the SQL result cache automatically disabled?

A. Queries that access data which changes frequently

B. Queries that return large amounts of data

C. Queries that use SQL functions such as SYSDATE

D. Queries that are used infrequently

Answer: C

Q12. Identify the indexing technique you would use to minimize partition maintenance.

A. Local indexes

B. Global partitioned indexes

C. Globalnonpartitioned indexes

D. Both global partitioned and globalnonpartitioned indexes

Answer: A

Q13. You will be implementing a data warehouse for one of your customers. In your design process, which index type is most likely to be used to improve the performance of some queries where the data is of low cardinality?

A. Bitmap indexes

B. B*-tree indexes

C. Reverse indexes

D. Invisible indexes

Answer: A

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Q14. How can you use Oracle Data Mining with Oracle Warehouse builder?

A. To identify records to extract

B. As a standard transform operation

C. To increase write performance

D. To eliminate ETL logging

Answer: A

Q15. Your BI tool (for example, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, Business Objects and Cognos) will be used to query an Oracle database that includes the Oracle OLAP Option What does tool generate in submitting queries that might include data stored in relational tables and OLAP cubes?



C. Proprietary API code

D. SQL for relational and proprietary API code for OLAP

Answer: B

Q16. You are looking for some general design principles that could be used in designing every large scale data warehouse you create. Identify the principle that would have the widest applicability.

A. Partition your tables appropriately to produce partition-wise joins.

B. Always use a star schema or snowflake schema design.

C. Do as much analytics as possible in your BI tools.

D. Always use Oracle OLAP.

Answer: A

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Q17. Your customer wants to use Database Resource Manager to help ensure consistent performance based on users and operations. In designing this implementation, which limitation CANNOT be imposed through Database Resource Manager?

A. Specifying the maximum number of concurrent operations for a resource group

B. Limiting resource consumption for a resource group

C. Specifying the amount of parallelism for a resource group

D. Limiting access to particular data for a resource group

Answer: D

Q18. Which questions CANNOT be addressed by Oracle Data Mining?

A. Fraud detection

B. Prediction of customer behavior

C. Root cause de

D. Identify factors associated with a business problem

Answer: C

Q19. Which feature of Oracle Warehouse Builder can be used to help ensure data quality?

A. Data extraction

B. Data profiling

C. Logical mapping

D. Exception reporting

Answer: B

Q20. You want to create an optimally performing data warehouse hardware configuration for your customer. Which way of creating a hardware configuration will reduce the implementation time the most?

A. Use reference configurations or an appliance-like configuration.

B. Use the existing system and add on relevant components.

C. Customize a configuration from a vendor.

D. Build the system from scratch.

Answer: A