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2021 Jun 1Z0-515 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Knowledge Modules are:

A. Reusable code templates for Oracle Data Integrator

B. Prebuilt applications for Oracle Business Intelligence

C. Options for Oracle Enterprise Manager

D. Algorithms for data mining

Answer: A

Q2. How can you implement near real time data integration with Oracle Data Integrator?

A. By accessing Change Data Capture records from logs

B. By using Exchange Partition

C. By mining Oracle UNDO segments

D. By reading operating system logs

Answer: A

Q3. HI want to enable result set caching to quickly see if this feature will help the performance of your application. Which is the quickest way to make this determination?

A. Set RESULT_CACHE_MODE = FORCE in the initialization file.

B. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file.


D. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file and use a RESULT_CACHE hint in queries.

Answer: A

1Z0-515  exam answers

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-515 practice:

Q4. You are looking to size a data warehouse configuration. If the I/O throughput for the CPUs is 25 GB/s, the I/O throughput for the HBA is 18 GB/s, and the I/O throughput for the disk subsystem is 6 GB/s, what is the overall throughput of the data warehouse?

A. 25 GB/s

B. 18 GB/s

C. 6 GB/s

D. It depends on how many processors are in the servers.

Answer: C

Q5. Which condition can cause a change in the contents of the SQL Result Set Cache?

A. SQL result sets age out of the Result Set Cache based on the KEEP parameter.

B. SQL result sets are invalidated in the Result Set Cache after DML is performed against any of tables in the SQL query.

C. SQL result sets are pinned in the Result Set Cache with the KEEP parameter.

D. None of these would cause a change.

Answer: B

Q6. Indentify the true statement about REF partitions.

A. REF partitions have no impact on partition-wise joins.

B. Changes to partitioning in the parent table are automatically reflected in the child table.

C. Changes in the data in a parent table are reflected in a child table.

D. REF partitions can save storage space in the parent table.

Answer: B


Certified 1Z0-515 cram:

Q7. Which Oracle option might be used to encrypt sensitive data in an Oracle data warehouse?

A. Active Data Guard

B. Total Recall

C. Advanced Security Option

D. Virtual Private Database

Answer: C

Q8. What is the difference between an ETL (Extraction Transformation LoaD. approach and an ELT (Extraction Load Transformation) approach to data integration?

A. ETL can operate between heterogeneous data sources.

B. ELT requires a separate transformation server.

C. ELT transforms data on the target server.

D. ELT cannot be used for incremental data loading.

Answer: C

Q9. Which two statements are true about the advantages of using a data warehouse?

A. A data warehouse uses fewer database structures, so access to answers is faster and easier

B. A data warehouse is typically implemented with a different design, making access faster.

C. A data warehouse is optimized for ongoing write activity, making response faster.

D. A data warehouse uses specialized features of the Oracle database, like materialized views and star transformations, making response faster.

Answer: BD

Q10. Identify the statement about Oracle OLAP that is NOT true.

A. Oracle OLAP cubes are stored in the Oracle relational database

B. Oracle OLAP uses standard Oracle database security.

C. Meta data for Oracle OLAP is accessible in an external data dictionary

D. Oracle OUP can be deployed using RAC.

Answer: C