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2021 Jul 1Z0-515 book

Q31. What two types of results can be cached in the Result Set Cache?

A. Results of an SQL query

B. Results from a PL/SQL function

C. Sequence object results

D. Result sets derived from data dictionary tables

Answer: AB

Q32. Which can be used in scenario where there are large data loads °f a "me sensitive nature into a data warehouse?

A. Direct path loading

B. External tables for loading flat files

C. Partition exchange loading

D. Any of these are valid for certain situations.

Answer: A

Q33. What are Oracle Data Integrator templates used for?

A. To model SAP applications

B. To define how to transform data

C. As reports to monitor ETL activity

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q34. Which is NOT an available composite partition in Oracle Database 11g?

A. range-list

B. list-list

C. list-range

D. interval-hash

Answer: D

Q35. Exadata uses smart scans, which are executed in________.

A. Exadata Storage Server cells

B. Database Server node memory

C. Database Server node CPUs

D. Exadata does not use smart scans.

Answer: A

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Q36. One goal of your Information Lifecycle Management strategy using Oracle's ILM capabilities is to reduce e cost or online storage. Identify two database options that would help in enabling such a strategy.

A. RAC and Advanced Compression

B. RAC and Partitioning

C. Partitioning and Advanced Compression

D. RAC One and Advanced Compression

Answer: B

Q37. You can perform what-if analysis of potential changes with Oracle Warehouse Builder.



Answer: A

Q38. Identify the true statement about adaptive parallelism.

A. It Is turned on by default.

B. It is turned off by default.

C. You should always leave the default setting

D. There is no such thing.

Answer: A

Q39. What would you use to evenly distribute data across the disk in your Oracle data warehouse?

A. Range Partitioning

B. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

C. List Partitioning


Answer: B

Q40. The Analytic Workspace Manager would be used to generate_______.

A. Materialized views

B. Oracle OLAP Option cubes

C. Oracle Data Mining algorithms

D. Oracle SQL Analytic functions

Answer: B