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Q31. Which unique method of improving performance is NOT used by the Oracle Exadata Database Machine?

A. Flash to improve query performance

B. Reduces the amount of data required to flow through I/O

C. Increases the I/O using InfiniBand

D. Performs analysis in a special in-memory database

Answer: D

Q32. You customer wants to segment their customers1 demographic data into those that use and do not use loyalty card. What would you recommend?

A. Use Oracle OLAP Option.

B. Use Oracle SQL Analytic Functions.

C. Use classification algorithm in Oracle Data Mining.

D. Use non-negative matrix factorization in Oracle Data Mining.

Answer: C

Q33. Identify the true statement about adaptive parallelism.

A. It Is turned on by default.

B. It is turned off by default.

C. You should always leave the default setting

D. There is no such thing.

Answer: A

Q34. Why does partitioning help parallelism with RAC?

A. The ability to do partition-wise joins reduces interconnect traffic.

B. Partitioning allows you to split data storage across nodes.

C. Partitioning reduces storage requirements.

D. RAC will spawn additional parallel servers to meet the needs of requesting applications.

Answer: A

Q35. What are three advantages provided by proper partitioning in a data warehouse?

A. Partition pruning will occur

B. Faster sorting

C. Efficient parallel joins

D. Efficient data loading

E. Reduced disk usage

Answer: ACD

Q36. Which best describes Oracle's OLAP Option for Oracle Database 11g Release 2?

A. Is stored as relational tables and is considered a ROLAP solution

B. Uses bitmap indexes

C. Physically stores MOU\P cubes as objects within the relational database

D. Is available both within the Oracle Database and as a stand-alone solution

Answer: A

Q37. You have analyzed your client's workload and the Materialized Views Advisor in Enterprise Manager recommends that you create some materialized views to improve performance. What should you do in order to most simply implement this change?

A. Rewrite all the queries in the application to identify materialized view

B. Rewrite existing queries. New queries will automatically use the views.

C. Respond positively to the Advisor to create the materialized views.

D. Build virtual views on a third normal form schema.

Answer: C

Q38. What are Oracle Data Integrator templates used for?

A. To model SAP applications

B. To define how to transform data

C. As reports to monitor ETL activity

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q39. What two types of results can be cached in the Result Set Cache?

A. Results of an SQL query

B. Results from a PL/SQL function

C. Sequence object results

D. Result sets derived from data dictionary tables

Answer: AB

Q40. Your BI tool (for example, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Cognos) will be used to query an Oracle database that includes the Oracle BI tool generate in submitting queries that might include data stored in cubes?



C. Proprietary API code

D. SQL for relational and proprietary API code for OLAP

Answer: A