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Q21. For which task would you NOT use Oracle Data Mining?

A. Predicting customer behavior

B. Associating factors with a business issue

C. Determining associations within a population

D. Reducing the amount of data used in a data warehouse

E. All of the above

Answer: D

Q22. You want partitions to be automatically created when data that does not fit into current date range loaded. Which type of partitioning would you implement?

A. Hash

B. List

C. Invisible

D. Interval

Answer: D

Q23. Identify the statement about ASM that is NOT true.

A. ASM is easier to manage than file systems.

B. ASM delivers the performance of raw partitions.

C. ASM is an extra cost option for Oracle databases.

D. ASM delivers automatic striping and mirroring.

Answer: B

Q24. You can use Oracle Data Mining unstructured data.



Answer: A

Q25. You want to create an optimally performing data warehouse hardware configuration for your customer. Which way of creating a hardware configuration will reduce the implementation time the most?

A. Use reference configurations or an appliance-like configuration.

B. Use the existing system and add on relevant components.

C. Customize a configuration from a vendor.

D. Build the system from scratch.

Answer: A

Q26. You will be implementing a data warehouse for one of your customers. In your design process, which index type is most likely to be used to improve the performance of some queries where the data is of low cardinality?

A. Bitmap indexes

B. B*-tree indexes

C. Reverse indexes

D. Invisible indexes

Answer: A

Q27. Identify the statement about Oracle OLAP that is NOT true.

A. Oracle OLAP cubes are stored in the Oracle relational database

B. Oracle OLAP uses standard Oracle database security.

C. Meta data for Oracle OLAP is accessible in an external data dictionary

D. Oracle OU\P can be deployed using RAC.

Answer: C

Q28. A Full Rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine can contain 100 TB of disk space with high performance. How much user data should you conservatively estimate this configuration can hold?

A. 100 TB

B. 75 TB

C. 50 TB

D. 28 TB

E. 20 TB

Answer: A

Q29. You are looking for some general design principles that could be used in designing every large scale data warehouse you create. Identify the principle that would have the widest applicability.

A. Partition your tables appropriately to produce partition-wise joins.

B. Always use a star schema or snowflake schema design.

C. Do as much analytics as possible in your BI tools.

D. Always use Oracle OLAP.

Answer: A

Q30. HI want to enable result set caching to quickly see if this feature will help the performance of your application. Which is the quickest way to make this determination?

A. Set RESULT_CACHE_MODE = FORCE in the initialization file.

B. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file.


D. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file and use a RESULT_CACHE hint in queries.

Answer: A