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2021 Jul 1Z0-516 exam question

Q261. Party Merge provides the capability to merge parties and their related entities in the Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Registry, thereby eliminating duplicate data in the Registry. Select four entities that can be successfully merged using the Party Merge functionality. (Choose four.) 

A. You can merge bill-to sites with bill-to sites. 

B. You can merge bill-to sites with ship-to sites. 

C. You can merge individuals with individuals. 

D. You can merge individuals with organizations. 

E. You can merge organizations with organizations. 

Answer: ACDE

Q262. Identify three functions that the Create Accounting program provides. (Choose three.) 

A. validates and creates subledger journal entries 

B. generates the Posted Journal Report for subledger journal entries 

C. transfers final journal entries in the current batch run to General Ledger 

D. applies the application accounting definitions that are created in Accounting Builder (ABM) 

E. allows you to update final journal entries before the Transfer to General Ledger process is run 

F. generates the Subledger Accounting Program Report, which documents the results of the Create Accounting program 

Answer: ACF

Q263. Which three statements are true about modifying flexfield values? (Choose three.) 

A. The values cannot be disabled. 

B. The value description can be changed. 

C. The effective dates for a value can be limited. 

D. The values can be deleted after they are defined. 

E. The values cannot be modified after they are defined. 

Answer: BCE

Q264. Select two valid statements that apply to chart of accounts structures for a global company. (Choose two.) 

A. A segment of different chart of accounts structures can share the same value set. 

B. A global chart of accounts is possible only if all sets of books for companies worldwide use the same chart of accounts structure. 

C. If the same value set is used for two or more chart of accounts structures, the same security rules for that segment cannot be assigned to multiple structures. 

D. It is possible to have multiple companies in the same set of books provided that they share the same chart of accounts structure, accounting calendar, and reporting currency. 

Answer: AB

Q265. Identify three true statements regarding Multiple Organization reporting. (Choose three.) 

A. Cross Organization reports and multiple Organization reports are the same. 

B. Cross Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger. 

C. Multiple Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger. 

D. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units one at a time from a single responsibility. 

E. Cross Organization reports produce outputs across different Operating Units in a single report from a single responsibility. 

F. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units in a single report output from a single responsibility. 

Answer: BDE

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Q266. During a pilot run of Financial Statement Generator reports, the report output displayed credit amounts as negative numbers. The customer requires the credit amounts on the reports to be positive instead of negative. Identify the solution that must be implemented to meet the customer's requirements. 

A. Inform the customer that this requirement would require a customization. 

B. Select the change sign check box for the related row or column definition. 

C. Deselect the change sign check box for the related row or column definition. 

D. Create a journal by doubling the values wherever the report is displaying negative numbers. 

Answer: B

Q267. Identify three setup options that are defined in the Financial Options window. (Choose three.) 

A. interest 

B. retainage 

C. miscellaneous 

D. expenses clearing 

E. expense AP accrual account 

Answer: BCD

Q268. The Receipt Inherit Invoice Number option affects only receipts created by _____. 

A. Oracle Cash Management 

B. Oracle Trade Management 

C. The AutoLockbox program 

D. The Automatic Receipts program 

Answer: D

Q269. Using the Payables System Setup Options form, you can enable autonumbering for _____. 

A. invoices 

B. suppliers 

C. payments 

D. employees 

E. expense reports 

Answer: B

Q270. During the testing phase of your implementation, you find that you are unable to delete a journal batch, though it is not yet posted. You ask the technical consultant for help and he e-mails you a checklist of scenarios in which batches cannot be deleted. Which scenarios would be on this checklist? (Choose three.) 

A. The journal batch has not been approved. 

B. Funds are in the process of being reserved for the batch. 

C. The source is frozen. 

D. Funds have been reserved for the batch. 

E. The journal batch has not been posted. 

Answer: BCD