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2021 Jul 1Z0-516 study guide

Q121. Identify two Descriptive Flexfield components whose values are used to determine Contexts. (Choose two.) 

A. The Context field 

B. Global Segments 

C. The Reference field 

D. Context-sensitive Segments 

Answer: AC

Q122. Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 is designed to assist companies meet the business challenges of globalization. Select four features of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that support efficient management of a global enterprise in a single database. (Choose four.) 

A. Has common data model 

B. Supports multiple currencies 

C. Supports multiple data models 

D. Supports separate legacy systems 

E. Supports statutory and customary local requirements 

F. Extends internal process support beyond enterprise boundaries 

Answer: ABEF

Q123. Customer reason codes can be used to assist in automatic claim creation in Receivables. 

Customer reason code mappings are assigned in _____. 

A. Payables 

B. Receivables 

C. Cash Management 

D. Trade Management 

E. Order Management 

F. Subledger Accounting 

Answer: D

Q124. In which three ways do sub-ledgers transfer information into General Ledger? (Choose three.) 

A. Detail Journals 

B. Line level records 

C. Summary Journals 

D. Balances 

E. Batch Transfer 

Answer: ACE

Q125. Company ABC wants to distribute the system administration tasks to local administrators. Select the two access control layers needed to accomplish this requirement. (Choose two.) 

A. Data Security 

B. Functional Security 

C. Registration Processes 

D. Delegated Administration 

E. Self Service and Approvals 

F. Role-Based Access Control 

Answer: DF

1Z0-516  free practice questions

Up to date 1Z0-516 free exam questions:

Q126. would like a consolidation process to consolidate operations in the UK and US. requires a summary of transactions from both companies. Company 01 is located in Chicago; Company 02 is located in London. Both companies share only the same calendar. Which actions should be considered when defining the consolidation process for (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Define a consolidation process using the Global Consolidation System by defining Parent Company 90 to consolidate data from Company 01 and Company 02. 

B. Select the transaction method for transferring data from Company 01 to Company 90. 

C. Define an elimination set to include a group of related elimination entries. 

D. Define mapping rules to map Company 01 and Company 02 to Company 90. 

Answer: ACD

Q127. AB Company in the United Kingdom is a subsidiary of ABC Company in the United States. The majority of transactions done by AB Company are entered in GBP. At the end of the year, AB Company restates all its ledgers or balances to report at the headquarters in the US. What is this process called? 

A. Revaluation 

B. Translation 

C. Conversion 

D. Observation 

E. Alteration 

Answer: B

Q128. What are the four required fields when defining a request set? (Choose four.) 

A. Set 

B. Owner 

C. Set Code 

D. Application 

E. Description 

F. Active Date 

Answer: ACDF

Q129. AutoCash rules apply to _____ receipts. 

A. Manual 

B. Automatic 

C. Quickcash 

D. Credit card 

E. Direct debit 

F. Prepayment 

Answer: C

Q130. Identify the two benefits of using Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose two.) 

A. View asset information across multiple asset books. 

B. Restrict access to users based on their Organization assignments. 

C. Submit and view data across different Ledgers using a single responsibility. 

D. Enter Payables invoices for different Operating Units using a single responsibility. 

E. View Consolidated requisitions across Operating Units using a single responsibility. 

Answer: DE