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Q431. ABC Corporation is headquartered in New Delhi with an office in Mumbai. They share the same chart of accounts, calendar, and currency. The Mumbai ledger contains manual adjustments and automated adjustments. The New Delhi office does not need a complete ledger to perform management or statutory reporting. Which four statements are true in the given scenario? (Choose four.) 

A. The Mumbai ledger is an adjustment-only secondary ledger. 

B. Perform all adjustments in the Mumbai ledger. 

C. Perform all day-to-day transactions in the New Delhi ledger. 

D. Use ledger sets to combine transaction data and adjustment data. 

E. Perform all day-to day-transactions and adjustments in the New Delhi ledger. 

F. Consolidate data in the Mumbai ledger with the New Delhi ledger while reporting. 

Answer: ABCD

Q432. Where do you define the attribute that determines whether you will accrue expense items at receipt or at period end? 

A. System Options 

B. Financial Options 

C. Payables Options 

D. Purchasing Options 

E. Payables System Setup Options 

Answer: D

Q433. AutoLockbox uses attributes to identify a customer for each AutoLockbox receipt. Which five attributes for AutoLockbox are used to identify the customer? (Choose five.) 

A. MICR number 

B. Customer number 

C. Sales order number 

D. Receipt number (which is often the check number) 

E. Transaction number using the auto associate option 

F. Balance forward bill number using the auto associate option 

Answer: ABCEF

Q434. After creating two new customers, LeftBank and RightSide, you create and complete an invoice for $105 ($100 plus $5 tax) for LeftBank. You immediately realize that you should have created the invoice for RightSide. Which three steps can you take to correct the situation? (Choose three.) 

A. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Delete the invoice, and then enter and complete the invoice for RightSide. 

B. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Change the customer in the invoice to RightSide. Complete the invoice. 

C. Create an adjustment to the invoice for the entire amount, and then create a negative adjustment to the account of RightSide. 

D. Create an on-account credit memo for $105 for LeftBank. Apply the on-account credit memo to the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for RightSide. 

E. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Change the transaction type of the invoice to a transaction type that has creation sign equal to negative sign. Complete the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for RightSide. 

Answer: ABD

Q435. Which relationship group would you assign to allow each party to pay for its own transactions, as well as the transactions of all parties that are lower in the hierarchy (children, grandchildren, and so on)? 

A. Pay group 

B. Pay below 

C. Pay without 

D. Pay parties 

Answer: B

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Q436. Identify three correct statements regarding Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Can run entirely on the Internet 

B. A minimum of two modules needs to be implemented for an organization 

C. Is engineered to work as an integrated system on a single IT infrastructure 

D. Supports multidirectional flows of business information within an organization 

Answer: ACD

Q437. ABC Company in India imports baking equipment from XYZ Company in the USA. There is an outstanding invoice of $1,000,000 to be paid in two months. The USD-to-INR rate when the transaction was done was 47.5. Now the USD-to-INR rate has changed from 47.5 to 40.5. Jack, who is a treasury analyst at ABC Company, reviews the transactions and comes to a conclusion. Select two correct conclusions arrived upon by Jack. (Choose two.) 

A. XYZ Company is not impacted at all by this rate change. 

B. XYZ Company has a positive impact by this rate change. 

C. ABC Company is not impacted at all by this rate change. 

D. ABC Company has a positive impact by this rate change. 

Answer: AD

Q438. There are three invoice correction methods: underinvoicing, overinvoicing, and invalid transactions. Which option lists all the correct underinvoicing choices? 

A. Void, delete 

B. Void, delete, re-create invoice 

C. Update invoice, create a debit memo, perform an adjustment 

D. Update invoice, create a credit memo, create an on-account credit memo, perform an adjustment, refund 

Answer: C

Q439. To create a party paying relationship, the relationship type must be hierarchical and the party type must be _______. 

A. Child 

B. Parent 

C. Person 

D. Organization 

E. Person or organization 

Answer: D

Q440. has offices around the world, spread across different legal entities. is implementing Oracle General Ledger. Its accounting department wants to know how to reduce the burden of elimination entries. What do you recommend? 

A. Mass Allocation 

B. ADI Journals 

C. Recurring Journals 

D. Summary Journals 

E. Intercompany Journals 

Answer: C