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2021 Sep 1Z0-516 latest exam

Q501. ABC Corp. has implemented Oracle Manufacturing applications from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. How is the data in the manufacturing applications partitioned? 

A. BY Application 

B. By Legal Entity 

C. By Operating Unit 

D. By Business Group 

E. By Inventory Organization 

Answer: E

Q502. Identify three types of entities that can be defined and related to one another in Oracle Applications. (Choose three.) 

A. ledger 

B. paygroups 

C. legal entities 

D. responsibilities 

E. business groups 

Answer: ACE

Q503. Identify three ways in which the code combinations of a Key Flexfield are stored in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) 

A. There is one column for every Key Flexfield Segment. 

B. One column can store more than one Key Flexfield Segment. 

C. The unique ID column functions as the nonprimary key for the GL Code Combinations table. 

D. The code combinations are stored in a database table called the GL Code Combinations table. 

E. Each unique combination of Segment values is identified by a unique ID value stored in a unique ID column. 

Answer: ADE

Q504. For which two business reasons would you use reporting hierarchies instead of summary accounts? (Choose two.) 

A. The primary use for summarization is only for reports. 

B. You want to use summarized data in journal formulas. 

C. Summary relationships are not permanent. 

D. You want online inquiry of summary amounts. 

E. You want to easily reorganize summary views in the future. 

Answer: AE

Q505. Computer Operations Inc. has its headquarters in Frankfurt. It uses two ledgers: one for corporate accounting (primary) and another for statutory reporting (secondary). Both ledgers have different charts of accounts and accounting calendars but use EUR as the functional currency. It has a subsidiary in California, which uses its own chart of accounts and the USD currency. Identify two options by which Computer Operations Inc. can consolidate their global operations. (Choose two.) 

A. A secondary ledger must be defined for California. 

B. Consolidation can be done by mapping between the California secondary ledger and the Frankfurt secondary ledger. 

C. A new ledger set must be defined, which will group the Frankfurt primary ledger and the California secondary ledger. 

D. The chart of accounts and calendar of the Frankfurt secondary ledger must be the same as that of the California secondary ledger. 

Answer: AC

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Q506. You have been asked by the HR Manager to define Oracle Alert to show all employees terminated in the past six months. Identify three pieces of information that is required to define this Alert. (Choose three.) 

A. Actions that you want Alert to perform 

B. Frequency with which you want to run this Alert 

C. A SQL statement that retrieves terminated employees 

D. Name of the concurrent program to be run after Alert runs 

E. Database table name, which stores employee information to specify in the Event Details section 

Answer: ABC

Q507. ABC.com is a $2 million company operating from the U.S., and has one set of books. It is spinning off from its parent company and will be operating as an independent company. It is considering implementing Oracle Financials but wants the product to work exactly in the same way as its legacy systems from its parent company. What considerations should be presented to ABC in order for it to make a well-informed decision? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Patching is simplified on a non-customized Oracle implementation. 

B. Adding customizations to replicate the legacy system could increase cost of future upgrades. 

C. Integration issues between modules are reduced when there are no customizations. 

D. No information can be interfaced from the legacy system to the product. 

Answer: ABC

Q508. ABC.com wants to use one set of books for its many subsidiary companies in Canada that will share the global chart of accounts structure and the Corporate Accounting Calendar. The controller is concerned about users charging to the wrong company when entering a journal entry. Which setup would address the controller's concern? 

A. Cross validation rules would ensure that the proper code combinations are used. 

B. Suspense posting would ensure that if there are unbalanced entries, the system would make it balanced. 

C. Intercompany accounting would ensure that if a wrong company is used, at least intercompany accounting entries would be created. 

D. Journal approval ensures that journal entries are correct and approved before they can be posted. 

E. Segment security rules would prevent users from seeing companies that they are not supposed to see. 

Answer: E

Q509. There are several setup steps for receipts in Oracle Receivables; some are required whereas others are optional. Which two setup steps are optional? (Choose two.) 

A. Define receipt classes. 

B. Define receipt methods. 

C. Define receipt sources. 

D. Define AutoCash rule sets. 

E. Define application rule sets. 

Answer: DE

Q510. Which two statements are true regarding partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two.) 

A. General Ledger is partitioned by Ledgers. 

B. Accounts Payable is partitioned by Ledgers. 

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by Operating Unit. 

D. Accounts Receivable is partitioned by Operating Unit. 

E. Order Management is partitioned by Inventory Organization. 

Answer: AD