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Q411. In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, at which level can you exclude a function from a responsibility? 

A. Menu, submenu, or function 

B. Menu and submenu, but not function 

C. Menu and function, but not submenu 

D. Function and submenu, but not menu 

Answer: A

Q412. During the cutover phase of a project to implement Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, you are responsible for converting historical account balances into Oracle General Ledger from a legacy system. There is no Account Code Combination setup in the Production Instance. Identify the setup in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure that is required to perform this conversion. 

A. Define Value Sets and assign them to Segments. 

B. Define Segments in the Accounting Flexfield structure. 

C. Qualify one of the Segments as the Balancing Segment. 

D. The Key Flexfield Segments have to be enabled and displayed. 

E. Select the "Allow Dynamic Inserts" check box in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure. 

Answer: E

Q413. Company ABC has requested you to define a custom application to support custom forms and reports. The DBAs have created a new CUSTOM_TOP directory. Which are the three mandatory fields required to define a new custom application? (Choose three.) 

A. Base path 

B. Application 

C. Description 

D. Short Name 

E. Responsibility 

Answer: ABD

Q414. Which four selection criteria can be used when creating a pay run? (Choose four.) 

A. supplier 

B. due date 

C. customer 

D. pay group 

E. invoice batch 

F. payment priority 

Answer: ADEF

Q415. For which two business reasons would you use reporting hierarchies instead of summary accounts? (Choose two.) 

A. The primary use for summarization is only for reports. 

B. You want to use summarized data in journal formulas. 

C. Summary relationships are not permanent. 

D. You want online inquiry of summary amounts. 

E. You want to easily reorganize summary views in the future. 

Answer: AE

Q416. Access Control is implemented in layers. Each layer builds upon the one that precedes it. Identify three correct statements about precedence of access control layers. (Choose three.) 

A. Data Security precedes Functional Security. 

B. Data Security precedes Role-Based Access Control. 

C. Delegated Administration precedes Registration Processes. 

D. Registration Processes precedes Self Service and Approvals. 

E. Self Service and Approvals precedes Role-Based Access Control. 

Answer: BCD

Q417. Identify the item that requires approval through the workflow process. 

A. invoices not matched to a purchase order 

B. invoices that existed before you enabled the feature 

C. expense reports imported through the Payables Expense Report Import Program 

D. recurring invoices if the recurring invoice template did not have the Approval Workflow Required option enabled 

Answer: A

Q418. Select three types of Payables open interfaces that will import data into Payables from other applications or third-party solutions. (Choose three.) 

A. PCard Open Interface 

B. Supplier Open Interface 

C. Matching Open Interface 

D. Receiving Open Interface 

E. Payments Open Interface 

Answer: ABC

Q419. Select two actions that ledger sets permit. (Choose two.) 

A. performing variance inquiries 

B. being used for mass budgets 

C. sending budget balance inquiries 

D. viewing account balances for multiple ledgers in one view 

E. grouping multiple ledgers that share the same chart of accounts and calendar 

Answer: DE

Q420. wants to define a consolidation process for its enterprise. 

It has two sets of books: Set of Books A and Set of Books B. 

Both sets of books will use Oracle General Ledger. 

Set of Books A has three companies with the same calendar and chart of accounts as Set of Books B. 

Set of Books A has USD as its currency. 

Set of Books B has four companies with the same chart of accounts and calendar as Set of Books 


Set of Books B has GPD as its currency. 

Select the consolidation method. 

A. Interface Data Transformer 

B. Global Intercompany System 

C. Oracle Financial Analyzer 

D. Financial Statement Generator 

Answer: D