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Q291. While you are attempting to post entries, you receive this error message: 

Number of updated GL_BALANCES rows does not equal the number of rows in the GL_POSTING_INTERIM_24697 table. 

A subsequent SQL script identifies that duplicates have arisen from a summary template ID. 

What must you do? 

A. Run the Maintain Summary Template program because a detail account has been added. 

B. Run the Optimizer program because it would improve the performance of the posting program. 

C. Run the Inherit Segment Values Attribute program because a valid code combination has been preserved. 

D. Run the Incremental Add/Delete Summary Templates program because there has been a change in the hierarchy structure. 

Answer: D

Q292. Ten analysts are assigned the same Receivables responsibility and are given their own logins. 

The requirement is to restrict three of the analysts from creating chargebacks or adjustments. 

What would be your advice to ensure compliance with this internal control? 

A. Use forms personalization to restrict function access. 

B. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to no at the responsibility level. 

C. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to no at the user level for the three analysts. 

D. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to yes at the user level for the three analysts. 

E. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to yes at the application level for the three analysts. 

Answer: C

Q293. During a period, several preapproved batches of miscellaneous transactions were entered and released. The project manager informs you that he is unable to view the accounting in the expenditure inquiry form. Which process was likely omitted? 

A. streamline costs 

B. distribute costs 

C. interface costs 

D. tieback costs 

Answer: B

Q294. You are setting up Receivable Accounting Events in Subledger Accounting. Identify the Event Entity. 

A. Invoices 

B. Deposits 

C. Guarantees 

D. Transactions 

E. Chargebacks 

Answer: D

Q295. Which two statements would be true when helping a customer make implementation decisions for General Ledger? (Choose two) 

A. Integration issues can be minimized. 

B. Training can be standardized when Oracle is implemented without customization. 

C. Patching cannot be done on a customized implementation. 

D. All Oracle subledger journals go directly to General Ledger to overcome interface problems. 

E. Cost of upgrades would not be affected. 

Answer: AB

Q296. You have the option to define your own accounting rules in Oracle Subledger Accounting to meet your implementation's business requirements by using ______. 

A. AutoCash rule sets 

B. Application rule sets 

C. The accounting methods builder 

D. The Revenue Accounting Management wizard 

Answer: C

Q297. Select the three options available when creating the Security profile for Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose three.) 

A. View all Organizations 

B. Secure by Business Groups 

C. Secure by Inventory Organizations 

D. Secure by Operating Unit and Inventory Organization 

E. Secure Organizations by Organization list and/or hierarchy 

Answer: ADE

Q298. Which four attributes are validated during the Journal Import Verification Process? (Choose four.) 

A. Account Combination 

B. Period 

C. Balanced Journal 

D. Cross Validation Rule 

E. Set of Books 

F. Approval Level G. Journal Sequence Number 

Answer: ABCD

Q299. Company Z has implemented Payables, General Ledger, and Project Accounting. Both Transfer to GL and Interface Supplier Costs are processed each night. A descriptive flexfield called SAI Value has been defined on the invoice header to capture additional information, and is used in conjunction with the accounting on the invoices. This is not a required field. There is a corresponding user-defined hold called SAI Hold, which is manually applied whenever an invoice is created and the SAI Value has not been provided to Company Z by the supplier. During weekly reviews of accounting, users have found that invoice transactions that are on SAI Hold are displayed in Project Accounting but not in General Ledger. Select what is causing this issue. 

A. Invoices have not been validated. 

B. The current General Ledger period is closed. 

C. The current Project Accounting period is closed. 

D. The Payables Accounting process has not been run. 

E. Accounting is not being created by the user-defined hold. 

F. The descriptive flexfield field must be a required field, and not an optional field. 

Answer: E

Q300. Select the three windows where a user can manually release an invoice hold or payment hold. (Choose three.) 

A. Holds 

B. Actions 

C. Invoice Lines 

D. All Distributions 

E. Scheduled Payments 

Answer: ABE