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Q241. Which three are part of the Global Consolidation System functionality ? (Choose three.) 

A. View the multilevel structure of your consolidation in a graphical format. 

B. Create consolidated journal entries in both parent and subsidiary set of books as part of the consolidation process. 

C. Define mapping rules to determine how subsidiary account balances roll up into the parent. 

D. View the status and monitor subsidiary account balances for any changes that occur after the subsidiary data has been transferred. 

E. Use the IDT to transfer data from Oracle Global Consolidations to external financial feeder systems. 

Answer: ACD

Q242. Identify three statements that are true about processing automatic withholding tax invoices and payments. (Choose three.) 

A. Withholding distributions for a paid invoice can be reversed. 

B. If an invoice is paid or partially paid, withholding distribution cannot be reversed. 

C. Payables uses the supplier number as an invoice number for the tax authority's invoice. 

D. Withholding tax distributions are automatically created during invoice validation or payment processing. 

E. Payables automatically creates a withholding type distribution when a withholding tax group is entered in the Invoices window. 

Answer: BDE

Q243. ABC Corp. runs the Create Journals program, after which the Create Journal Entries Execution 

report is automatically created. Identify three components on which the Create Journal Entries Execution report reports. (Choose three.) 

A. Budget Journals 

B. Posted Journals report 

C. Payables encumbrance entries 

D. Purchasing encumbrance entries 

Answer: ACD

Q244. ABC Corporation is headquartered in New Delhi with an office in Mumbai. They share the same chart of accounts, calendar, and currency. The Mumbai ledger contains manual adjustments and automated adjustments. The New Delhi office does not need a complete ledger to perform management or statutory reporting. Which four statements are true in the given scenario? (Choose four.) 

A. The Mumbai ledger is an adjustment-only secondary ledger. 

B. Perform all adjustments in the Mumbai ledger. 

C. Perform all day-to-day transactions in the New Delhi ledger. 

D. Use ledger sets to combine transaction data and adjustment data. 

E. Perform all day-to day-transactions and adjustments in the New Delhi ledger. 

F. Consolidate data in the Mumbai ledger with the New Delhi ledger while reporting. 

Answer: ABCD

Q245. has two diverse business operations in retail stores and services. It has five legal entities in Canada and five in the United States for both operations. The fiscal year end is the same for all the legal entities with 12 monthly periods. However, wants to use a 4-5-4 accounting calendar for its retail operations and a calendar-month accounting calendar for the services operations. also wants to use a single chart of accounts structure. Which five items must define to meet the minimum setup steps that are required for the sets of books for all legal entities? (Choose five.) 

A. two accounting calendars 

B. four sets of books 

C. three sets of books 

D. two sets of books 

E. chart of accounts structure 

F. period types or use seeded ones 

G. one accounting calendar 

H. enable seeded CAD and USD currencies 

I. account combinations 

Answer: ABEFH

Q246. You are in the Tax Lines Summary window and you update the calculated tax amount of one of the taxable distributions. You must also adjust _____. 

A. the number of invoice lines 

B. the total header invoice amount 

C. the amount of another distribution 

D. the self assessed taxes in the Tax Details window 

Answer: C

Q247., the GL accountant, says that the budget for which she is trying to enter data requires budget journals, but she wants to enter budget amounts directly. You check the budget setups and confirm that the Require Budget Journal option is not enabled at the set of books level. What could be cause of Tess's problem? 

A. The Require Budget Journal option is enabled at the budget level. 

B. The Budget status is Frozen. 

C. The budget organization is not properly defined. 

D. The Allow Preparer Approval profile option is not enabled. 

E. Data is being entered in a closed period. 

Answer: A

Q248. What does the concurrent program Automatic Reversal do? (Choose two.) 

A. Generates reversals for all journals in a date range 

B. Generates reversals for the journal batches that you specify 

C. Generates reversal journals for all journal categories that have AutoReverse enabled 

D. Generates and posts reversal journals if the journal reversal criteria has the AutoReverse and AutoPost reversals enabled for the category 

Answer: CD

Q249. A manager wants to review the cash balance by company. He has asked you to create the summary account template. The company's accounting flexfield has four segments: 

company (5 values) 

cost centers (30 values) 

region (4 values) 

account (180 values) 

The total number of cash accounts is five that are associated with two parents: 

Three accounts are associated with the parent called Checking. 

Two accounts are identified with the parent called Savings. 

To combine the cash parents, you create a rollup group named Cash. 

Which summary account template would you create to review the cash balances by company? (D: Detail) (T: Total) 

A. D-D-D-Cash 

B. T-T-T-Cash 

C. D-T-D-Cash 

D. T-D-T-Cash 

E. T-D-D-Cash 

F. D-T-T-Cash 

Answer: F

Q250. Select three benefits of centralizing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Application software using the shared application tier file system model (originally shared APPL_TOP). (Choose three.) 

A. Eliminates files for unlicensed products 

B. Contains subdirectory for each product under APPL_TOP 

C. Increases performance by adding multiple APPL_TOP directories 

D. Enables Oracle Applications to scale well with an increasing load 

E. Eliminates the need to install and maintain application software on each desktop client PC 

Answer: BDE