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Q201. Identify three Payables system setup options. (Choose three.) 

A. bill-to location 

B. always take discount 

C. allow void and reissue 

D. create interest invoice 

E. application accounting definitions 

Answer: BCD

Q202. Identify four discount basis options available that define how Receivables calculates discounts. 

(Choose four.) 

A. Gross amount 

B. Freight amount 

C. Invoice amount 

D. Lines only amount 

E. Lines and tax amount 

F. Lines, freight, and tax amount 

Answer: CDEF

Q203. After you determine your needs and organize your summary account structure, which General Ledger tools can you use to define parent-child values and rollup groups? 

A. Analyzer Hierarchies, Account Hierarchy Manager or Account Hierarchy Editor (provided Applications Desktop Integrator is installed). 

B. Mass Maintenance, Analyzer Hierarchies, or Account Hierarchy Manager 

C. Mass Maintenance or Account Hierarchy Manager 

D. Mass Maintenance or Account Hierarchy Editor (provided Applications Desktop Integrator is installed). 

E. Account Hierarchy Manager or Account Hierarchy Editor (provided Applications Desktop Integrator is installed). 

Answer: E

Q204. Which action is part of the Projects tieback process? 

A. Validates the account combination. 

B. Balances the journal entry. 

C. Interfaces cost to the General Ledger. 

D. Updates cost distribution lines. 

Answer: D

Q205. In the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) implementation, the purpose of the "Synchronize with Reference Field" check box is to synchronize _____. 

A. The DFF Values with the Reference field 

B. The DFF Contexts with the Reference field 

C. The DFF Attributes with the Reference field 

D. The DFF Segments with the Reference field 

E. The DFF Value Sets with the Reference field 

Answer: B

Q206. Identify two types of data that can be purged by running the "Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data" concurrent program. (Choose two.) 

A. Errored work items 

B. Inactive work items 

C. Deferred work items 

D. Completed work items 

E. Expired users and roles 

Answer: DE

Q207. You are implementing Oracle General Ledger at a client site. The client is based in the U.S. but has a presence in many countries worldwide, and has transactions in multiple currencies. The implementation team decides that GL multi currency setup will be part of the implementation. The GL accountant tells you that the companys outstanding loans in Europe in euros, and at every month end there is a need to revalue and report these loans in US dollars on the current exchange rate. She wants a system that automatically performs this revaluation using the month-end exchange rates. She wants to know whether this requirement can be satisfied. What is your response? 

A. Oracle GL provides this functionality and there is no problem in satisfying the requirement. 

B. Account generator needs to be customized to satisfy this requirement. 

C. Workflow needs to be customized to satisfy this requirement. 

D. Oracle GL does not support this functionality. 

Answer: A

Q208. Oracle Fusion Intelligence Release 12 is a set of new Application products and one of the first of the Fusion Applications. Select four features that Oracle Fusion Intelligence Release 12 provides. (Choose four.) 

A. Guided drilldown 

B. Integrated security 

C. Workflow notifications 

D. Guided navigation and action links 

E. Extends and configures Key Performance Indicators 

Answer: ABDE

Q209. Select two steps that are NOT elements of creating a Financial Statement Generator (FSG) report in Oracle General Ledger (Choose two.) 

A. Attach the fiscal calendar. 

B. Define rows and columns. 

C. Build a report by using rows and columns. 

D. Specify the default ledger for ledger sets. 

E. Determine which rows and columns make up your report. 

Answer: AD

Q210. Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) Release 12 functions are secured using the Oracle Application function security. DBI is also secured using a combination of user-based and responsibility-based data and function security. Identify five parameters used to secure dashboards. (Choose five.) 

A. District 

B. Commodity 

C. Sales Group 

D. Operating Unit 

E. Request Type 

F. Inventory Organization 

Answer: ABCEF