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Q181. Exhibit: 

A. G, F, E, A, B, D, C 

B. F, G, E, A, B, C, D 

C. G, F, E, A, B, C, D 

D. G, F, A, B, C, E, D 

E. C, F, E, A, B, D, G 

Answer: A

Q182. The Quick Payment method is best described as the method of _____. 

A. creating a payment without an invoice 

B. manually writing a check outside of Payables 

C. recording a payment made outside of Payables 

D. creating and printing a computer-generated payment to pay a supplier for one or more invoices 

Answer: D

Q183. ABC Inc. added a new Operating Unit to its existing Multi-Org Access-enabled responsibility. When users logged in using their existing responsibility, they could not see the new Operating Unit in the list of values. What could be the cause? 

A. Security List Maintenance was not run. 

B. The Set MO: Operating Unit profile was not defined. 

C. The Set Multi-Org Preferences profile was not defined. 

D. The Set MO: Default Operating Unit profile was not defined. 

E. The Set MO: Security profile was not defined for the responsibility. 

Answer: A

Q184. The organization that Receivables uses to validate items is set up using _____. 

A. The AR: Items Flexfield Mode profile option 

B. The AR: Allow Manual Invoice Lines profile option 

C. The AR: Item Validation Organization profile option 

D. Item validation organization in the OM Parameters window 

Answer: D

Q185. Select three true statements about Business Event System in Oracle Workflow. (Choose three.) 

A. Resides in Oracle Database 

B. Resides in Oracle Application Server 

C. Can be used with Workflow Engine to integrate external systems 

D. Consists of Event Manager, which lets you register workflow processes 

E. Uses Advanced Queuing to send messages from one system to another 

Answer: ACE

Q186. Which statement is correct about the differences between the functionalities of parent accountsand summary accounts? 

A. Summary accounts cannot be used in budget formulas, whereas parent accounts can be used in budget formulas. 

B. Summary accounts speed up the posting process, whereas parent accounts require additional time for the Posting process. 

C. Summary accounts use the summing segment type for MassAllocations, whereas parent accounts use the looping segment type. 

D. Summary account balances can be viewed in the Account Inquiry form, whereas parent account balances cannot be viewed in that form. 

E. Summary accounts slow down the generation of Financial Statement Generators, whereas parent accounts help generate quicker results. 

Answer: D

Q187. Which five do you need to define to meet the minimum pre-requisites to create a set of books? (Choose five.) 

A. a retained earnings account 

B. an accounting calendar 

C. a translation adjustment account 

D. the functional currency (or a seeded currency) 

E. an encumbrance account 

F. a chart of accounts structure 

G. a suspense account 

H. a transaction calendar 

I. at least one value for each segment of the chart of accounts 

Answer: ABDFI

Q188. Identify the default value for the term date that would extend the time to pay an invoice, if the payment term is net 30 days. 

A. invoice date 

B. system date 

C. invoice entered date 

D. goods received date 

E. invoice received date 

Answer: B

Q189. Select four options that can be set at the supplier site level. (Choose four.) 

A. surveys 

B. tax details 

C. accounting 

D. bank details 

E. business classification 

Answer: ABCD

Q190. You are a workflow user in the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance. Identify three tasks that you can perform using Status Monitor. (Choose three.) 

A. Access notification history. 

B. View participant responses. 

C. Reassign notifications to another user. 

D. View Error information for a failed workflow. 

E. Cancel a workflow that you no longer want to run. 

F. View the status diagram of a subprocess for a particular workflow process. 

Answer: ABF