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Q41. Which four attributes are validated during the Journal Import process? (Choose four.)

A. period

B. approval level

C. balanced journal

D. cross-validation rule

E. account combination

F. journal sequence number

Answer: ACDE

Q42. When setting up financials and Payables options, which two options can only be defined if you have Multi-Org enabled? (Choose two.)

A. Accounting

B. Tax Options

C. Invoice Controls

D. Payment Options

Answer: AB

Q43. Select two actions available in Oracle General Ledger. (Choose two.)

A. deleting posted journals

B. exporting data to subsidiary ledgers

C. importing data from subsidiary ledgers

D. consolidating balances in subsidiary ledgers

E. consolidating balances from multiple ledgers

Answer: CE

Q44. Which three statements are true regarding voucher numbers and document sequences? (Choose three.)

A. After you create and save a sequence, you can change it

B. Assigning unique voucher numbers to documents is called document sequencing

C. You can select a sequence of numbers that you would assign to a document category

D. Document sequencing for all the documents you use in all your Oracle applications comes automatically set up with your installation

Answer: BCD

Q45. Identify three functions that the Create Accounting program provides. (Choose three.)

A. validates and creates subledger journal entries

B. generates the Posted Journal Report for subledger journal entries

C. transfers final journal entries in the current batch run to General Ledger

D. applies the application accounting definitions that are created in Accounting Builder (ABM)

E. allows you to update final journal entries before the Transfer to General Ledger process is run

F. generates the Subledger Accounting Program Report, which documents the results of the Create Accounting program

Answer: ACF

Q46. Identify three statements that are true about bank account information. (Choose three.)

A. Bank accounts are used to calculate the supplier's discount.

B. Disbursement bank accounts cannot be used for payment.

C. Payables, Receivables, and/or Treasury uses bank accounts.

D. Payables uses an internal bank account to disburse funds to suppliers.

E. Receivables uses a bank account to receive payments from customers.

Answer: CDE

Q47. XYZ Limited has hired Jack as the Oracle General Ledger implementation consultant. Select three steps that are required for creating a new accounting structure. (Choose three.)

A. Define jurisdictions.

B. Define period types.

C. Assign legal entities.

D. Save the accounting structure.

E. Define accounting representations.

F. Define subledger accounting methods.

Answer: CDE

Q48. Identify three statements that are true for creating the withholding tax for standard, recurring, and prepayment invoices. (Choose three.)

A. The Withholding Tax Report is prepared by suppliers.

B. The Withholding Tax Group defaults in from the supplier or supplier site.

C. There can be multiple withholding tax codes with multiple tax authorities assigned to a group.

D. You can set up a special calendar to define periods that Payables uses for automatic withholding tax.

E. The Withholding Tax Invoice Description field does NOT include the invoice that the withholding tax invoice is associated with.

Answer: BCD

Q49. Select four occasions when the Create Accounting process can be run. (Choose four.)

A. after the payment process

B. before the payment process

C. after the Invoice Validation process

D. before the Invoice Validation process

E. before the transfer information to GL process

Answer: ABCE

Q50. Identify two correct statements about the consolidation feature of Oracle General Ledger. (Choose two.)

A. Both budget and actual balances can be consolidated.

B. Consolidation is possible only when the subsidiaries use multiple Oracle application instances.

C. You can consolidate balances only when there are separate ledgers for different companies.

D. You can maintain multiple companies with similar or different accounting structures and consolidate their results for meaningful financial reporting.

Answer: AD