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Q21. The manual payment method is best described as the method of _____.

A. paying multiple checks in a pay run

B. paying a single check within Payables

C. manually writing a check outside of Payables

D. recording a payment made outside of Payables

Answer: D

Q22. Select four tips that can be used to speed up data entry. (Choose four)

A. Use quick invoices.

B. Use distribution sets.

C. Use recurring invoices.

D. Use keyboard shortcuts.

E. Use only invoices without holds.

Answer: ABCD

Q23. Identify the four reports you must run when reconciling invoices and payments to the Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report. (Choose four.)

A. Void Check Register

B. Posted Invoices Report

C. Posted Payments Report

D. Accounts Payable Trial Balance - prior period

E. Payables Transfer to General Ledger Reports

F. Accounts Payable Trial Balance - current period

G. Account Analysis - (132 Char) / Account Analysis - (180 Char).

Answer: BCDF

Q24. If you use the Expense Report Export program, it converts expense reports created in these applications into Payables invoices. Identify the two applications. (Choose two.)

A. Oracle Aria

B. Oracle Travel

C. Oracle Projects

D. Oracle Payables

E. Oracle General Ledger

F. Oracle Internet Expenses

Answer: DF

Q25. During a pilot run of Financial Statement Generator reports, the report output displayed credit amounts as negative numbers. The customer requires the credit amounts on the reports to be positive instead of negative. Identify the solution that must be implemented to meet the customer's requirements.

A. Inform the customer that this requirement would require a customization.

B. Select the change sign check box for the related row or column definition.

C. Deselect the change sign check box for the related row or column definition.

D. Create a journal by doubling the values wherever the report is displaying negative numbers.

Answer: B

Q26. Identify the three reports that can be processed using the State Controller window. (Choose three.)

A. Consolidation Audit

B. Consolidations Journal

C. Consolidation Financial

D. Consolidation Exceptions

E. Consolidation Balance Inquiry

Answer: ABD

Q27. In the course of implementing Oracle General Ledger, you and your customer have created a number of Financial Statement Generator reports in a test environment. These reports have been tested and you are now ready to create them in your production environment. You are ready to run the FSG Transfer program. What two requirements are necessary to run this program? (Choose two.)

A. Database links must be defined.

B. The same ledgers must be defined in both instances.

C. Enable the FSG: AutoCopy profile option in the production environment.

D. The same row and column sets must exist in the production environment.

Answer: AB

Q28. Identify three statements that are true for entering bank and branch details. (Choose three.)

A. Each bank must have at least one bank branch.

B. The bank account number is free-formatted information.

C. Banks and bank branches are created for Cash Management.

D. Bank accounts cannot be shared between bank and bank branches.

E. Each bank can have multiple branches and each branch can have multiple accounts.

Answer: ABE

Q29. Which two are true about elimination? (Choose two.)

A. You can define balancing options for eliminating entries.

B. You can define an elimination set to contain one elimination entry.

C. Currency is an optional component when defining an elimination set.

D. You must specify an elimination company in the Elimination Sets window.

Answer: AB

Q30. Identify the conditions that must exist before you can apply an advance against an expense report.

A. The prepayment type is temporary and has been fully applied.

B. The prepayment type is temporary and has not been fully applied.

C. The prepayment type is permanent, has been validated, and not canceled.

D. The prepayment type is permanent and no active holds exist for the prepayment.

Answer: B