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Q51. You are setting up Receivable Accounting Events in Subledger Accounting. Identify Event Entity.

A. Invoices

B. deposits

C. guarantees

D. transactions

E. chargebacks

Answer: D

Q52. Identify two correct statements related to Key Performance Indicators and the KPI region in Daily Business Intelligence. (Choose two.)

A. can be of table format only

B. can be configured for each dashboard

C. organizes data into reporting hierarchies

D. is a strategic business factor that is used for reporting

E. contains a unique set of graphical information on a dashboard

Answer: BD

Q53. Which three statements are true about accounting rules? (Choose three.)

A. Accounting rules enable you to defer revenue.

B. Accounting rules enable you to define fixed and variable rules to recognize revenue.

C. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and percentage of total revenue that you can record in each accounting period.

D. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and amount of invoice that you can bill your customer in each accounting period.

Answer: ABC

Q54. Organizations have unique credit policies that aid for managing their collections and establishing relationships with customers.

Describe the two dimensions on which Oracle Credit Management is based. (Choose two.)

A. various customer credit classifications

B. various credit review types identified by collectors

C. various analysis of prior billing period and receipt history of customers

D. various analysis of customers on the basis of the aging of their outstanding balances

Answer: AB

Q55. MT Services has several operating companies set up as balancing segment values In Its chart of accounts. There is only one sales tax rate that is applicable to its services. However, for accounting purposes, MT Services must track the sales tax by operating company.

Except for some government agencies that are customers, sales tax is applicable to all customers.

The controller wants to know the minimum setup steps that MT Services must perform.

Choose the three minimum setups needed in Receivables and E-Business Tax to charge sales tax.

(Choose three.)

A. tax groups

B. location sales tax

C. AutoAccounting for tax

D. tax classification codes

E. assigning tax code to transaction type

F. tax exemptions for customers and customer sites

Answer: BCF

Q56. Your client has set up Oracle Lease Management (OLM) and Oracle Credit Management (OCM) without scoring models. Which three tasks can be successfully completed by Oracle Workflow in OCM without manual intervention? (Choose three.)

A. creating a case folder

B. calculating a credit score

C. creating a credit application

D. creating a final credit recommendation

E. sending notifications to the credit scheduler

Answer: ACE

Q57. A receipt of $2,000 Is received for an Invoice that has $1,500 as the amount due. The remittance advice does not state a reason for the overpayment Identify the receipt state that should be displayed;

A. applied

B. unapplied

C. on-account

D. unidentified

E. partially applied

Answer: B

Q58. Ten analysts are assigned the same Receivables responsibility and are given their own logins.

The requirement is to restrict three of the analysts from creating chargebacks or adjustments.

What would be your advice to ensure compliance with this internal control?

A. Use forms personalization to restrict function access.

B. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to no at the responsibility level.

C. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to no at the user level for the three analysts.

D. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to yes at the user level for the three analysts.

E. Set the "AR: Cash - Allow Actions" system profile to yes at the application level for the three analysts.

Answer: C

Q59. Identify the Receivables activity type where you are unable to select the tax rate code source option of invoice.

A. adjustment

B. earned discount

C. unearned discount

D. miscellaneous cash

Answer: D

Q60. Your functional end users are perplexed by the contents of the AutoInvoice Execution report. They needed expert guidance and cause to you.

You look at the report and see that the Interface Lines section of the report shows the following:

Selected: 9

Successfully Processed: 8

Failed Validation: 0

What is the likely reason for this?

A. An adjustment update of an old Invoice Is Included In this batch.

B. The General Ledger (GL) code combination 10 failed the cross validation rules.

C. A debit memo for an Invoice and the Invoice itself were submitted In the same batch tr\6 the debit memo Is selected first.

D. A credit memo for an Invoice and the invoice Itself are submitted In the same batch and the credit memo Is selected first.

E. The GL code combination segment value for the cost center was valid in the prior calendar month but is end-dated a day earlier.

Answer: D