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2021 Jun 1Z0-519 real exam

Q31. Identify three valid sources of Inventory Supply. (Choose three.)

A. Approved Requisition Lines

B. Miscellaneous Transactions

C. Scheduled CMRO Work Orders

D. Approved Purchase Order Lines

E. Sales Order Lines in Entered status

F. WIP Work Orders in Released status

G. Sales Orders Lines in Scheduled status

Answer: CFG

Q32. For the profile option TP: INV Cycle Count Entriesform to Background processing.

What are the system requirements for it to be effective? (Choose two.)

A. the Receiving Transaction manager must be active.

B. the Cost Manager Interface manager must be active.

C. the Move Transaction interface manager must be active.

D. the Material Transaction interface manager must be active.

E. the Lot Move Transaction interface manager must be active.

Answer: BD

Q33. For performing an ABC analysis, you need to define ABC Compile, ABC Classes, andABCAssignment Groups.

Identify two correct actions. (Choose two.)

A. Link an ABC Group to anABCCompile.

B. Linkan ABC Compile to an ABC Group.

C. Assign an ABC Group to an ABC Class.

D. Assign anABC Classto an ABC Group.

E. Enable an ABC Group inSubinventories.

Answer: BD

Q34. Oracle Inventory interacts with other Oracle applications by sharing information.

Which two pieces of information does Oracle Inventory receive from the Order Management application?

(Choose two.)

A. UOM information IS

B. shipping information

C. on-hand information

D. ATP supply information

E. reservations information

Answer: BE

Q35. What two conditions prevent you from reserving the Inventory? (Choose two.)

A. The inventory module is installed as Shared.

B. The items have a nonreservable material status.

C. The Inventory is in a Standard Cost inventory organization.

D. The Inventory is in an Average Cost inventory organization.

E. The reservation will cause the on-hand quantity to be negative.

Answer: BE

1Z0-519  answers

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Q36. In the Multi-Org model, which organization type Is the highest level that impacts accounting?

A. Ledger

B. Operating Unit

C. Business Group

D. 6RE/tegai Entity

E. Inventory Organization

Answer: A

Q37. Which three statements are true about ABC analysis? (Choose three,)

A. the ABC classisan Item attribute.

B. There can be only three classes A, B, and C.

C. an ABC class must be assigned to at least one ABC group.

D. ABC classes can be used to group Items for planning purposes.

E. ABC classes can be used to identify the value groupings to which your Items belong.

Answer: CDE

Q38. The warehouse has received new stock from aninternal distribution warehouse.

Which two receiving transactions can be used to put stock into the warehouse's inventory using the Intransit Inventory? (Choose two.)

A. Direct Receipt

B. Standard Receipt and Delivery

C. Inter organization Direct Receipt

D. Inter organization Receipt and Delivery

E. Inter organization Miscellaneous Receipt

Answer: CD

Q39. Identify two features of a Value Set that has a validation type of "None." (Choose two.)

A. It has an approved list of values associated with it

B. The entered value must meet the formatting requirements.

C. The Flexfield value security rules cannot be used for a segment that uses this Value Set.

D. Users can enter any value that they want even if it does not meet formatting requirements.

Answer: BC

Q40. The materials manager has noticed that several items were created and assigned to various inventory organizations, but the analyst skipped the "Copy from Template" step. The manager would like to know how to correct the items.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. Apply the template in the organization item. It would automatically update the Master Item window.

B. You can use the Item Attribute Copy form to update the value of an item attribute across multiple organizations in a given organization hierarchy.

C. You can change an organization-level attribute with the Master Item window. If you do this, it will update the organization-level attribute across all organizations.

D. You can use the Organization Item window to update organization-level item attributes. This would update organization-level attributes in your current organization only.

E. To update master-level attributes, use the Master Item window. If an attribute is controlled at the master level, the value of the attribute applies for all organizations to which the item is assigned.

Answer: BDE